Dinosaurs, Rainbows, Oh My!

This has been a surprisingly uneventful week. One would think that with my husband gone for a whole 5 days I’d get up to all sorts of mischief like burning more pans, losing all the remotes or flooding the bathroom, but the worst I did was teach Eli how to blow a whistle. I even managed to keep the house clean till his arrival (he’s been home for one day and the living room already looks like we were attacked by marker shooting bandits).

I even recorded and edited episode 6 of Project Boonka a freaking day in advance!

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Project “Boonka”: Witness my Frustrations in Animation

Hello, Dearest Blog Reader!

Between being sick, adjusting to a new schedule, battling my child’s horrible sleeping habits and drawing my wrists off, life seemed way too simple and quiet, so I decided to spice things up a bit. Behold, my first Project “Boonka” Video thing! (Because you know me, always up for more motivational humiliation!)

While I cover my reasons for putting my animation struggles into video form in the.. erm.. video, I also wanted to put my art frustrations into words for today’s blog post. Read more

A Little Squee!

My Food Fight animation got Daily Pick on NewGrounds! Having something I made noticed by someone outside the RubberOnion battles circle is kind of a big deal for me, and I’m still pretty excited about it, even though it’s kind of old news at this point.


I’m still working on today’s Diary Comic, and I doubt I’ll finish it today, as I’m attempting to include backgrounds (gasp! shock! fainting sounds!). That’s what I’m working on this month, by the way, drawing backgrounds and environments, while also doing various perspective exercises. Horrible stuff!

I’m also trying to post on Instagram daily these days, so other than doing a daily self-portrait and background sketch, I also try to doodle a little something I don’t hate too much to post, but admittedly it’s a lot harder than I thought.

It’s still stupidly hot over here, which has been affecting my productivity and mood, but taking it slow and moving in baby steps seems to be kind of keeping things afloat, so far. I keep telling myself that in order to have more energy I need to use up more energy, I should really draw a big poster about it and hang it above the computer screen. And on the fridge. And by the couch. And possibly on the ceiling above my bed..

How’s summer going in your parts?

Cats, Rubbery Onion Bras and a 13 Reasons Why Rant

Is it weird that my daughter often acts like a cat? She’ll sometimes also curl up on my lap and demand I stroke her back as well… While she hasn’t quite mastered the art of purring, the noises she makes while being cute and affectionate are equally impossible to resist.  Read more

BuJo Doodles and Thoughts

It’s that time of the month – I’m starting to plan and paint April’s pages.

I bought more washi tape today, and I fear I’m slowly but surely turning into one of those BuJo-junkies. Next I might be going nuts on pretty pens in similar colours, or worse still, buying special stickers so that I don’t need to write the day of the week every time…


Now that the first wave of excitement about the journal has calmed down and I’ve found my comfortable routine, I’m happy to say I no longer jump at my close ones waving my red notebook shouting “Have you let BuJo into your life yet!?”

I’m mostly aware of the date and the day of the week, and I barely forget anything important these days. I sometimes even judge the importance of a thing by whether or not I wrote it down in the journal, and if I hadn’t, it clearly wasn’t THAT important. I make some time in the morning to review and plan the day ahead, move tasks around and refresh my memory on upcoming events.

Now that March is almost over I can safely say I was a bit over-enthusiastic on this month’s goals, a mistake I hope to correct in April.

I still haven’t found the perfect design for my weekly spreads, but that’s probably a good thing: I think the journal looks better overall with different designs all over the place as opposed to a same-ish uniform look. I’ve also taked to writing one good/happy thing that happened that day in there, since I normally have extra room left. On days that something noteworthy happens I write a short comment on those as well, thus eluminating my need for a personal diary/journal, which looks very sad and abandoned next to the equally deserted printer. It’s normally my go-to place to write about feelings and thoughts, but I don’t feel I have anything new or interesting to say about anything, other than angry rants, which I would cringe at and not read ever again anyway. I wonder if I’ll feel the need to write there more once I move to weekly updates of the blog.