Sun, Sea, Sharks and Sketching

There’s something special about going for a dip in the sea in January.

Since Eilat is such a tourist hot-spot, there were Christmas and New Year’s decorations everywhere. This particular guy was having a lie down before a long work-day:


I’ve not posted any actual drawings here in a long time, so here’s a sketch from my Eilat Sketchbook to start the new year off:


I think we’ve gone to the Underwater Observatory every time we visited Eilat with Eli. I always spend the longest time at the turtle pool, sketching and taking photos. All of the turtles there as rescues (if my memory serves me right) who are released back into the sea once their injuries heal.


The Shark Exhibit is especially popular in the summer: air-conditioned cool space with seats and a great view… This is the place where I regret not being able to use my camera to its full potential, and I promise myself to study the manuals better. I forget about that as soon as I step back into the sun and heat… until my next visit.


I got Eli very excited about seeing the sharks back in the hotel, and we sang the “baby shark” song multiple times.


Aah, the crooked beach getting in the way of me taking artsy-fartsy photos! Damn you, nonparallel lines!


The above photo was taken on Eli’s birthday, which we tried to fill with her favourite activities: climbing about in a massive play-dome thing, getting wet at the beach, toy shopping and eating cake (after blowing out three candles). One of the toys she picked out is a doctor’s bag full of lovely items, such as tweezers, a massive syringe, thermometer and various torture-looking devices. She checks our vitals roughly 4-5 times a day, and I’ve grown a lot more cautious about coughing or sneezing around her (as she plunges the syringe into my mouth with an exaggerated “Oh No!!!”).

My January art-task is to finish my Eilat Sketchbook. It’s a soft-cover A5 book with low-quality paper, so I can only really draw on one side, and I think there are 48 pages. I’ve done a few pencil sketches while there, and only had time to fully finish 4 pages before coming home, so I’ll have to do most of the work drawing from memory and photos I’ve taken.

This was my first time using a soft-cover sketchbook in forever, and I can firmly say I’m not planning to go travel-logging with a soft-cover any time soon. I hated not being able to comfortably draw on my knee, or to lean onto a comfortable railing. That and I won’t be purchasing any more sketchbooks with such poor paper quality. I am determined to finish this one though, and I’m filling it with paints and markers and gluing all sorts of things into it. Clearly, I’ve watched too many Minnie Small videos…

So far the year has been pretty awesome: I met it with my husband and kid (so what if I had to drag the husband out of bed and poke him awake? Eli slept in that adorable-sleeping-baby way, hugging her fox toys), a bottle of champagne and a bowl of strawberries. There were even some fireworks right after midnight, which we only listened to as the hotel was blocking our view. Still pretty cool though! We went splashing in the sea, celebrated Eli’s birthday, slept in, had cake and fed some fish. I even enjoyed the storm that started on our last morning there and is still going pretty strong back here in Jerusalem. Sleeping while it’s raining outside is the best kind of sleeping!

There’s far too much text and not enough pictures in this post, so I’ll be finishing up for today.

How was your New Year’s Eve?

2017 Conclusions

Topsy-turvy went this weekend… As did this year in general.

There were good things, bad things and ugly things… Lessons were learned, things were drawn and breads were baked. Or some variation of the three. At least I was more organized! Speaking of Bullet Journals, here’s my setup for 2018:


Oh no, was I too busy drawing wonky letters to make my final Project Boonka video? Read more

Sketchy Selfies #16-#46

I have mixed feelings about drawing myself.

On the one hand there are all the advantages of having a live model on demand at all times. On the other, it still feels weird to then have so many drawings of myself, and even weirder showing that to anyone. That and I still can’t get a reasonable level of likeness…

For 30 days after turning 31, I drew my own face first thing in the morning. I did not limit myself to any one technique or colour, and had fun with it most days. I thought there’d be a correlation between my moods, whether I was wearing glasses at the time, or general well-being, but so far I’ve not been able to pin-point any of that. Some of the better (and the worst) drawings as far as I see, have been drawn while I was feeling contrasting emotions, varying hours of sleep and different levels of comfort. The only pattern I see is in the materials I used: pencil sketches are overall more confident, while anything I tried without an “undersketch” is randomly wonky.

I originally intended to try and create some sort of animation with it, where each portrait is a frame (akin to what I did for Eli’s first year, taking a photo of her every day). I’ll stick it under the “read more” tag, because the blinking might give you a headache. Read more

Weekend sketching

This weekend I’m at my mother’s house, taking full advantage of her wanting to spend the maximum amount of time playing with my daughter. So I did quite a bit of drawing in my new sketchbook.

I’m probably going to keep working on this particular sketch a little bit more once I get home, but I kind of already like how it turned out. (I’ve tried to draw this fountain at least once before, a lot less successfully.)

It’s somewhat awkward trying to format this post on my phone, but here are a few more sketches from last night’s visit to the beach:

How’s your weekend going? What’s your ultimate weekend like?

Lame Theme Park: July’s Rubber Onion Battle



Whenever there’s a new topic for the RubberOnion’s animation battle, I usually spend a few days brainstorming and trying to come up with something somewhat original. What defines a “lame” theme park?

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Hurried End-of-July Update

I’ve been animating for the past four hours or so and my wrist started hurting, which couldn’t come at a better time because it means I can have a justified break and write a short blog post! Yay for pain! (I’m aiming to finish this month’s animation battle entry tonight after Eli falls asleep, and it looks very doable if I don’t fall asleep myself.)

In the meantime, as I rest my drawing wrist, here’s a short summary of what I’ve been up to this week:

  1. I’ve painted the town August gate orange. The full double spread, where on the left page I’ll write all the positive and cool things that happened, plus any cool quotes or advice I come across.


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