Time Management (Again!) and Fart Jokes

In this week’s video I stress about deadlines after a worrying realization… Kinda hard to write these video introductions without giving the contents away, because since I’ve stopped adding Dish, who’d want to see this anyway? Passive-aggressive teasers aside, I was almost good this week, and I’m trying a new way of recording my voice-over (inspired by a conversation I had with Fluffie earlier) so give me all the feedbacks!

Speaking of sudden things, Eli has developed a taste for fart jokes. There’s so much material there, I’m feverishly writing things down hoping I’ll eventually draw diary-comics out of them, but between Inktobering and Boonka-ing I doubt it’ll happen any time soon. Our poor cats though! I don’t think they enjoy our noisy farts and fart sounds as much as we do (and I’ll happily fart my glasses off as long as it makes Eli giggle) and that might be part of the reason Dish doesn’t hang out with me as much any more 😦

Do your pets react to farts? Anyone willing to make bets on how far I actually get with Boonka by December 31st? Know any good fart jokes?

Mobile and Pro with a Studio

On Monday we sneaked off to Tel-Aviv while our kid was kindergartening and purchased MobileStudio Pro. With my dearest computer dying of old age, every crash could be its last, and since I don’t intend to game in the foreseeable future, it was decided to update my wacom tablet as well.

It’s been less than a week, and I’m still customizing and setting things up. I still don’t have a proper stand for it, so using it for prolonged periods of time is somewhat warm and uncomfortable, but other than that I’m very happy with it. (I’ll do a proper big review later on once I’ve used it enough)

Photo 16-09-2017110314smPhoto 16-09-2017110442-sm

A new month, a new life?

Soooooo, there’s been a rather big change in my life lately – my baby started kindergarten. She’s still getting used to the place and the people, and I’m adjusting as well, but all in all it hasn’t been as scary and stressful as I feared… yet.

With a whopping 5.5 hours all to myself daily there’s a whole lot I can get done, and hopefully the results will soon show in this blog!


(I’ve been meaning to do this comic strip for a few months now, but I only got around to finishing it now, so there we have it. This is exactly how I first heard her call me “mama” properly, and if it doesn’t quite make sense to you, then this post will clear things up a bit. )

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A Little Squee!

My Food Fight animation got Daily Pick on NewGrounds! Having something I made noticed by someone outside the RubberOnion battles circle is kind of a big deal for me, and I’m still pretty excited about it, even though it’s kind of old news at this point.


I’m still working on today’s Diary Comic, and I doubt I’ll finish it today, as I’m attempting to include backgrounds (gasp! shock! fainting sounds!). That’s what I’m working on this month, by the way, drawing backgrounds and environments, while also doing various perspective exercises. Horrible stuff!

I’m also trying to post on Instagram daily these days, so other than doing a daily self-portrait and background sketch, I also try to doodle a little something I don’t hate too much to post, but admittedly it’s a lot harder than I thought.

It’s still stupidly hot over here, which has been affecting my productivity and mood, but taking it slow and moving in baby steps seems to be kind of keeping things afloat, so far. I keep telling myself that in order to have more energy I need to use up more energy, I should really draw a big poster about it and hang it above the computer screen. And on the fridge. And by the couch. And possibly on the ceiling above my bed..

How’s summer going in your parts?

Hurried End-of-July Update

I’ve been animating for the past four hours or so and my wrist started hurting, which couldn’t come at a better time because it means I can have a justified break and write a short blog post! Yay for pain! (I’m aiming to finish this month’s animation battle entry tonight after Eli falls asleep, and it looks very doable if I don’t fall asleep myself.)

In the meantime, as I rest my drawing wrist, here’s a short summary of what I’ve been up to this week:

  1. I’ve painted the town August gate orange. The full double spread, where on the left page I’ll write all the positive and cool things that happened, plus any cool quotes or advice I come across.


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Heat, Hair and Harachter Hesign.

I’m sorry about the title, my poor overheated brain is finding it pretty funny for some reason. And we just ran out of watermelon >.<

It is still very very very very hot. The AC isn’t managing very well in the living room, the fan does little but create soothing background noise in my “office” and Eli’s hair needed cutting but I didn’t risk taking her to my hairdresser just yet.


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