The Sunneh Post

I’m still away, hopefully having a blast and sketching a lot. In the meantime, here’s the second cat post, this time it’s all about Sunneh.


Now to straighten some things out, we have a lot of stray cats in our area. And I mean A LOT. City hall “imports” cats into neighbourhoods so that they keep the rats away. People feed them, some even go as far as luring them into their gardens and feeding them closer to home, for a better rat-shooing effect. So since neither one of my cats had a collar, a chip, or looked like anyone had been taking care of them, I am not, contrary to my UK friends’ belief, a cat-napper.

I saw Sunneh on the same stairs where I found Dish, a few months after she adopted us. His eyes were still closed and he was covered in so much dry blood he looked dark brown, instead of light ginger. There was no mother cat about, and this area was where two somewhat unpleasant dogs were let out to roam about in the evening. This was a no-brainer, really.

I named him Sunneh after a Swedish guildmate’s nickname. He too, of course, played a druid (at that point).

Dish was not happy. She hissed at him, she hissed at me and she stopped hanging out with me the way she used to before I betrayed her so with a new kitten. For the first two days, I kept them separated while I brushed all the fleas out of him. Dish stalked us out through the glass door. I think it was roughly after a week that the vet said he’ll be alright, and I finally let Dish get to know him a little closer. She was terrified of him right until he started eating the same food as her, at that point she adopted the role of older sister and started teaching him everything she knew herself, which didn’t take long. The most important skill he learned from her is how to drink from the waterbowl, by splashing the water all over the floor. That and chewing through the tough bag to get to the food.

They work really well together: when one of them gets stuck in a closet, cupboard or gets locked in a room somewhere, the other runs and brings me or my husband to the rescue. They clean each other’s faces in those hard to reach places. They keep entertained by playing together, and they cuddle each other in the winter while we’re not available.

I really want to write a lot more about this extraordinary ginger menace, but the past me has very little time left before the airport cab arrives, and there are still some dishes to wash and socks to find.

Here’s a relatively short video of Sunneh’s childhood days, and some of his interaction with Dish as they both grow bigger:


The Dish Post

Hi! You have reached Rediskot’s Blog. She’s not here right now, please leave a comment after the beep…

Seeing how I can’t really comment on what’s going on with me right now, since I’m writing this from the past, I thought I should go even further back and tell you lovely lot about Rediska, aka Dish, the older one of my two goofy cats.


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15 Seconds to Fail

Since today’s #Mermay prompt is “baby-maid” (which I guess means a mer-baby? unless this should be about baby labour O.o) I decided to cheat and combine it with my weekly comic, resulting in this somewhat weird filler page:


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A Tortoise Encounter

Meeting Tortoise

I’ve not seen any tortoises or chameleons out and about in a long time, so it was nice spotting one the other day. I snapped a few photos as Eli gently petted her, and then I helped the impatient reptile through the bars of the fence she was unsuccessfully trying to climb. The tortoise looked to be in a great hurry to get somewhere important (probably as far away from us as possible) so I did my best not to delay her.

I wonder how Eli would react to a chameleon. She suddenly started being scared of bugs, running away and trying to climb into my arms whenever we see a fly. She did bring me a dead beetle in her tiny hands yesterday, though she probably didn’t realize what it was.

It looks like I won’t finish this month’s Rubber Onion Battle on time. I’m going to try and stay up animating at night today, but lack of any free time and proper night’s sleep haven’t been nice to me this past week. There’s one more day still, and I’m curious to see how far I can get.

Cats, Rubbery Onion Bras and a 13 Reasons Why Rant

Is it weird that my daughter often acts like a cat? She’ll sometimes also curl up on my lap and demand I stroke her back as well… While she hasn’t quite mastered the art of purring, the noises she makes while being cute and affectionate are equally impossible to resist.  Read more

Bedtime Rituals and Site Makeover

A sure way to get my daughter to agree to go to bed is to remind her that all her toys need to sleep too. I then have to go and gather ALL of them, and arrange them in a neat and comfortable way around her, hoping that she will not ask for her scooter and building blocks this time…

April 15 - Bedtime Rituals

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Naps and a Few Gesturing Butts

In between naps, gorging on pizza and watching movies, my first week of weekly blog posts has been surprisingly tiresome. I don’t even know why I felt that tired, but I constantly wanted to sleep, and all my body parts were too heavy. It’s highly tempting to blame that on the weather, since my husband experienced a similar sensation during the same few days. Even the little one seemed less bouncy than usual.

Either way, my high hopes of being super-productive this week fell a bit flat. Hence today’s comic page:

April 8th Comic Diary

A life time ago, feeling that low-energy (for whatever reason, be it weather or sickness) would normally result in me rolling around in self-pity and then guilt for days. Fortunately, with an active two-year old and a pair of cats, I just don’t have this luxury any more!

Now that this blog has a proper domain name and everything, I’m working on the new design and layout. I was hoping to have everything ready for today’s big post, but like I already mentioned, naps and pizzas happened, so the “big launch” is postponed.

I’m proud to announce that at least one person didn’t get my April Fool’s post, and thought that I was just being weird, again. So to honour this guy’s shattered dreams (or nightmares, not sure how he feels about my butts…) here are some gesture sketches:

15 second poses2 minute poses and 5 minutes pose

As usual, I used my current favourite place for references, the Croquis Cafe videos. The dream is to find an artist group that does live sketching somewhere in my area, but it’ll have to wait until autumn at least, so in the meantime, these videos are the next best thing as far as my experience and internet searches go 🙂

There will be a lot of restructuring and experimenting with the site layout and design this upcoming week, so stay tuned to cha… chaaa… chaa…. CHAAAANGES.