Heat, Hair and Harachter Hesign.

I’m sorry about the title, my poor overheated brain is finding it pretty funny for some reason. And we just ran out of watermelon >.<

It is still very very very very hot. The AC isn’t managing very well in the living room, the fan does little but create soothing background noise in my “office” and Eli’s hair needed cutting but I didn’t risk taking her to my hairdresser just yet.


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Early Morning Doodling

This was supposed to be my June Rubber Onion Battle entry post, but guess what! I hate the one I finished yesterday. There are a great many things wrong with it, but the most noticeable one is that there’s next to no animation in it. I actually thought I was being clever, but as I stared onto the monstrosity I created I realized it was just bad, really really bad. Fortunately, as I was about to fall asleep I came up with a much better idea. I’m not sure I’ll be able to finish it in time, but as of today, I’m actually pretty optimistic.

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All The #Mermay2017

Here are all the mermaid drawings I did for #Mermay2017 and published daily on my Instagram, gathered up in one post. I used Tom Bancroft’s prompts, which I wrote on some of the images. Looking at some of the “unnamed” ones now, I have no idea what the prompts for them were, and it was somewhat amusing trying to remember them 🙂

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15 Seconds to Fail

Since today’s #Mermay prompt is “baby-maid” (which I guess means a mer-baby? unless this should be about baby labour O.o) I decided to cheat and combine it with my weekly comic, resulting in this somewhat weird filler page:


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May the 4th be with you, still going at it!


Today, a year ago, I started this blog! I didn’t know about Mermay straight away, but I did stumble across it four days later and then drew a mermaid every day since then for the rest of May. This year I’m a little more prepared. I’m even trying to follow through with all the official prompts! I’m posting my mermaids daily on Instagram, but I’ll do a summary blog-post here at the end of the month after I get back from our trip. Today’s prompt was “star wars” and sadly this is all I had time for today, but I kind of like this sketch, even though it looks like her hand is about to get burned off. Do light sabers even work underwater?

Distracting Tactics

If I don’t finish this animation soon I’ll quickly run out of other distracting things to show here daily!

This is another pocket-bag I’m working on at the moment. The green one is finished, and I spent the sunny morning hours trying to take good photos of it. The general idea here is to try and sell some of this stuff on Etsy at some point, so I’m stocking up and doing my research in the meantime.


So far the animation looks terrible. I’m learning A LOT as I go along, and today I realized I made some major mistakes waaaaay at the start. If I start redoing everything from scratch (AGAIN) I will not finish this on time, so I’m just moving on, knowing that it’ll come out looking bad. But seeing how the point of this exercise is to learn how to do puppet animation in Toon Boom, I think I’m accomplishing my goal. Uglily, awkwardly, but I’m getting there 😀

Devil Flower is a Thing

These are going to be an interesting few days.
I’m still trying to adjust to my husband’s new work schedule, where he’s working set hours every day and coming home late in the evening, as opposed to him working shifts for the past 8 years or so.
Eli is growing more independent every day, wanting to try and do things all by herself. She’s falling asleep much better lately, and once I manage to stay up long enough to get more work done I’ll finally feel like I’m being a productive adult.

Today I learned that “Devil Flower” is an actual flower. A pretty badass flower too. I’m spending all my free time watching ToonBoom tutorials, poking at the program gingerly and working on the book in Photoshop, so I probably won’t have anything to show here for a while, except quick warm-up sketches and thumbnails. I’ve had more ideas as to what my November Rubber Onion Battle should be about, but I think I’m still sticking to this one. I’ve got the sound down, I know what I want it to look like, now the tiny part left is getting it all drawn up and animated.