Octobering going as planned

Everyone on Instagram seems to be excited about October – it’s either #Inktober or Halloween or both. Inked witches, travellers, robots and monsters galloping around, while I’m sitting here, in the middle of Sukkot, sick and bummed out about silly long kindergarten holidays. Once I had that taste of freedom it’s hard to go back to 24/7 home baby fun…

Inktober is going pretty well – one week down, three and a half to go. So far I’ve smudged the ink once, ruined only two drawings by not stopping in time (although for one of them I took a photo before the inevitable happened, so you’ll never know!) and tried one new technique.

And here’s this week Project Boonka video:

How’s your week going? Anyone going to dress up for Halloween?


#Inktober is Upon Us Once Again!!!

First things first – Here’s this week’s Project Boonka Video:

As usual, I’d love any feedback on these things! I think I’m really getting into it, by the way. It’s a little hard to record with a blocked nose and a sore throat, but I’m hoping to feel better at some point this year. I’ll also try to record something a little more engaging and interesting visually for the next video, although no promises seeing how I’ll have Eli “helping” a lot more than usual.

Onwards to the big inking happening!20170930-2 004

It’s Inktober Time! Are you excited? I’m excited! Could you tell??? Read more

Sketchy Selfies #16-#46

I have mixed feelings about drawing myself.

On the one hand there are all the advantages of having a live model on demand at all times. On the other, it still feels weird to then have so many drawings of myself, and even weirder showing that to anyone. That and I still can’t get a reasonable level of likeness…

For 30 days after turning 31, I drew my own face first thing in the morning. I did not limit myself to any one technique or colour, and had fun with it most days. I thought there’d be a correlation between my moods, whether I was wearing glasses at the time, or general well-being, but so far I’ve not been able to pin-point any of that. Some of the better (and the worst) drawings as far as I see, have been drawn while I was feeling contrasting emotions, varying hours of sleep and different levels of comfort. The only pattern I see is in the materials I used: pencil sketches are overall more confident, while anything I tried without an “undersketch” is randomly wonky.

I originally intended to try and create some sort of animation with it, where each portrait is a frame (akin to what I did for Eli’s first year, taking a photo of her every day). I’ll stick it under the “read more” tag, because the blinking might give you a headache. Read more

Heat, Hair and Harachter Hesign.

I’m sorry about the title, my poor overheated brain is finding it pretty funny for some reason. And we just ran out of watermelon >.<

It is still very very very very hot. The AC isn’t managing very well in the living room, the fan does little but create soothing background noise in my “office” and Eli’s hair needed cutting but I didn’t risk taking her to my hairdresser just yet.


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Early Morning Doodling

This was supposed to be my June Rubber Onion Battle entry post, but guess what! I hate the one I finished yesterday. There are a great many things wrong with it, but the most noticeable one is that there’s next to no animation in it. I actually thought I was being clever, but as I stared onto the monstrosity I created I realized it was just bad, really really bad. Fortunately, as I was about to fall asleep I came up with a much better idea. I’m not sure I’ll be able to finish it in time, but as of today, I’m actually pretty optimistic.

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All The #Mermay2017

Here are all the mermaid drawings I did for #Mermay2017 and published daily on my Instagram, gathered up in one post. I used Tom Bancroft’s prompts, which I wrote on some of the images. Looking at some of the “unnamed” ones now, I have no idea what the prompts for them were, and it was somewhat amusing trying to remember them 🙂

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