Food Fight!

I was so concerned with whether I could, that I did not stop to think whether I should… It is too late now, my August RubberOnion Challenge is now COMPLETE!!! *evil laughter*

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Lame Theme Park: July’s Rubber Onion Battle



Whenever there’s a new topic for the RubberOnion’s animation battle, I usually spend a few days brainstorming and trying to come up with something somewhat original. What defines a “lame” theme park?

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May’s Rubber Onion Battle


Just as there are different ways to eat a muffin, there are different ways to make animation. Speaking of which, here’s that behind-the-scenes of my Rubber Onion Battle post I was talking about! Read more

15 Seconds to Fail

Since today’s #Mermay prompt is “baby-maid” (which I guess means a mer-baby? unless this should be about baby labour O.o) I decided to cheat and combine it with my weekly comic, resulting in this somewhat weird filler page:


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Bad Magic is Bad

Here it is, my tortured and painful entry for March’s Rubber Onion Battle.

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I learned A LOT makings this, and I shall now attempt to list my newly found knowledge in neat bullet points:

  • “Cut-out” or “Puppet” animation isn’t as scary or complicated as I first thought, and a lot of the Toon Boom functions I needed to know for this were so dumbfoundedly simple that finding a tutorial for them was next to impossible.
  • I found a free and easy to use program for voice changing: AthTek Voice Changer which really saved my butt on this one after the guy that wanted to voice one of the characters bailed on me.
  • Getting up from a cross-legged sitting position without using your hands is a surprisingly big thing online. Soooo many videos… My husband can easily do it, I cannot.
  • General workflow of creating cut-out animation is a little less fuzzy for me now
  • As I suspected, I would’ve finished this much faster had I just drawn everything instead (but that’s only because I had no idea what I was doing at first.. and towards the end too)
  • I cannot do animation and watch streams, or listen to podcasts/music
  • Eli prefers animation with animals in it

Hmmm, for some reason I thought there would be more bullet points in that list. Ah well.

The theme I was really rooting for was “Medieval Dorks”, so when “Bad Magic” won instead I thought I’d be smart and fuse the two together. I got a bit carried away with the background, so I had to completely redo the characters in order for them to fit in better. (Still didn’t do too great a job there though. Also, shadows should be a thing with me. A thing that I sometimes add…) All in all I think I wasted at least a week and a half drawing and redrawing the kids, and another two weeks animating them. Even though I only had a couple of hours a day to work on that, it still took me way longer than it should have. I lack self-discipline when it comes to sitting on my ass and animating for a few hours straight.

I actually considered not posting this monstrosity, and just quietly absorbing my lessons, but then the exhibitionist in me protested that this is so bad, it needs to be seen! Since I post some terrible stuff here anyway, I figured you guys should be pretty immune to my experiments by now 🙂

All in all, I might’be bitten off more than I was prepared to chew this month, but I’m liking the whole “learn a new thing” I’m trying to do with these battles. Maybe I should aim for somewhat smaller “things”, but I’m definitely going to use these monthly animation challenges as opportunities to experiment and grow as an animator.



Guybrush McFly and a bit of self evaluation

On my very first animation lesson, after some basic explanations, we were given some paper, some black markers, and told to animate anything we wanted. The markers were dark enough to show through the paper even without a light-table, because most of us didn’t have one at home yet. Having completed all the frames as homework, we then put it all together the next day and watched the results.

I drew a monkey, walking across the screen and reaching for a banana, and it was the worst, most awkward walking monkey possible. Looking at my latest walk cycle, it saddens me that I haven’t really made any progress.

This is a moving GIF, my phone doesn’t normally show these in other people’s posts.

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