2017 Conclusions

Topsy-turvy went this weekend… As did this year in general.

There were good things, bad things and ugly things… Lessons were learned, things were drawn and breads were baked. Or some variation of the three. At least I was more organized! Speaking of Bullet Journals, here’s my setup for 2018:


Oh no, was I too busy drawing wonky letters to make my final Project Boonka video? Read more

Ugly Sweater on a New Year’s Eve’s Eve

Aaah, the last week of December – a time for family, gifts, mulled wine and pretty house decorations. Our tree is mostly decorated with xmas lights this year, since so many of the shiny decorations got destroyed by Eli and the cats, and I think I like it better this way.

Now that Eli is a little older and understands a whole lot more, I want her to experience that classic family celebration of New Year that I grew up with. It’s going to be a mix of Boxing Day presents opening under the tree, combined with a big family meal (but at a reasonable hour instead of at midnight) on New Year’s Eve’s Eve next Saturday. There’s a lot of deep cleaning to be done, and food to be prepared (my mom and sisters will be coming over, hopefully) so I doubt I’ll get much stuff animated or drawn.

It has become more difficult for me to write these blog posts since I generally sum the week up in the Project Boonka videos, and I don’t want to just post the same thing twice. However, with the year almost over there’s only one more Project Boonka video left, so these posts will hopefully become slightly more interesting and engaging since I’ll be dedicating more time and effort to them again.


Living the Dream

Having freshly baked warm bread in the morning has been an unattainable dream of mine for the past decade and a half (ever since I learned automatic bread-makers exist). It was lovely to imagine, but yet not urgent enough to go and master the alchemy of bread baking.

Well, guess who’s been making bread with sunflower seeds and olives and things with her new wonderfull bread-maker? Having the bread warm enough for the slice of cheese to melt just the right amount? Here are some photos in case you want proof:

We’ve been having awesome weather lately – it’s been raining almost non-stop and the mosquitoes have calmed down and left to bite some other people. I actually had quite a few other slightly amusing things to share with you guys but I’ve had a glass of wine and my brain is refusing to string words into proper sentences for some reason. Good thing I prepared the video a whole day in advance!


Suddenly, Saturday…

Somehow Saturdays have been sneaking up on me lately. I jot down notes and plan my posts, but as soon as Saturday hits I’m suddenly unprepared, disorganized and very sleepy. Today is no different!

I’ve been lazy with my daily drawing. I still draw in my sketchbook almost every day (and on the days that I don’t it’s because I’ve been drawing digitally instead) but it feels like I’m sidetracking and procrastinating instead of studying and improving. Might have something to do with this month’s subject matter (RedditGetsDrawn posts, even though I end up not posting most of them) or it might be the guilt, slowly chewing its way through me. Basically, whenever I’m not working on Boonka I feel I’m avoiding work on purpose. And since I’m able to dedicate only a few hours a day to my animation project, I’m feeling pretty guilty most of the day: Oh no, I’m sleeping instead of drawing the model sheet, watching a show instead of getting that background done… Oh the horror of drawing yet another “meh” portrait instead of working out the next keyframe!

Needless to say, this isn’t doing wonders to my general state of mind. There is also a bunch of non-art-related things going on in my life currently that isn’t helping matters either, and with everything combined I don’t feel in control of my own self anymore, which is frustrating and annoying at best.

This is, however, just a phase. It’s that time towards the end of the year where the new and seductive beginning is nearly within my grasp, so abandoning things and giving up feels somewhat justified, because I’m going to try so hard and do much better starting January 1st 2018… If only it worked that way. It’s so tempting to start things afresh next year – be a new, better, more productive me! And once the year starts but the magic doesn’t happen for some reason, I can always start to be better next month, next week.. tomorrow? With a pretty Bullet Journal spread and everything!

I’ve long learned that the way to go is to start right now. If anything, this gives me more time to plan and try out the pretty BuJo spreads with which I’ll fill my journal next year. I’ve got a lot of animating to do before December ends, and Boonka isn’t going to draw herself. Speaking of which, here’s this week’s Project Boonka episode:


Sick Baby and Underwater Swimming

Just a short update post for today, while my mother distracts my kid long enough for me to edit some half-arsed footage and record a voice-over for the video in one hurried take.

I signed up for Skillshare in the hope of finding some good animation-backgrounds courses. I suspect I’m just really bad at finding stuff, because I’ve only found some very basic perspective theory classes there, and I’m feeling somewhat disappointed so far. Have any of you guys used this site?

Next week I’m going to continue working on both the rough animation and the backgrounds, as far as Eli lets me. Fingers crosses I don’t get super sick myself.

My next big project for today is getting some sleep. Good afternoon!