Early Morning Doodling

This was supposed to be my June Rubber Onion Battle entry post, but guess what! I hate the one I finished yesterday. There are a great many things wrong with it, but the most noticeable one is that there’s next to no animation in it. I actually thought I was being clever, but as I stared onto the monstrosity I created I realized it was just bad, really really bad. Fortunately, as I was about to fall asleep I came up with a much better idea. I’m not sure I’ll be able to finish it in time, but as of today, I’m actually pretty optimistic.

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All The #Mermay2017

Here are all the mermaid drawings I did for #Mermay2017 and published daily on my Instagram, gathered up in one post. I used Tom Bancroft’s prompts, which I wrote on some of the images. Looking at some of the “unnamed” ones now, I have no idea what the prompts for them were, and it was somewhat amusing trying to remember them 🙂

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May’s Rubber Onion Battle


Just as there are different ways to eat a muffin, there are different ways to make animation. Speaking of which, here’s that behind-the-scenes of my Rubber Onion Battle post I was talking about! Read more

UK Trip (Part 2)

Edit before posting: It’s a little surreal reading about the attacks in London. Normally it’s my friends from there texting to see if we’re all okay here, the world seems to be turning upside down.

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UK Trip (Part 1)

….Aaaaaaaaand I’m back.
I’m now faced with the thing I kind of dreaded for the past two weeks: picking a very limited amount of photos to illustrate our UK adventure. Here goes nothing…

Once we finally arrived and settled in at the place we were staying in Greenwich, I fell asleep for a couple of hours (after a little over 30 hours of no sleep). I woke up as the maintenance man was entering the room I was napping in, and in all fairness I might’ve scared him as much as he surprised me. In the meantime, everyone else went to explore our surroundings:

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There’s bad internet in paradise 

I’m in heaven. 

I’m typing this on my phone, sitting on a small wooden bench, on a very green hill, overlooking Loch Ness. The sheep go “baa” to my left, and the swallows are hunting flies over my head (none pooped on me yet!). The weather up here has been shockingly wonderful so far, as opposed to London, Barley and Edinburgh, where it rained pretty much the whole time we were there. It is supposed to rain in the evening tonight, so I’ll be fully prepared with rain gear 🙂

I’ve been drawing mermaids every day, and sketching things around me in my U.K. travel-sketchbook, but the internet here is rather weak – I’ve tried to attach some images to this post, but to no avail. This post will be the calm before the photo/sketches storm that will be the next Saturday blog update.

The Sunneh Post

I’m still away, hopefully having a blast and sketching a lot. In the meantime, here’s the second cat post, this time it’s all about Sunneh.


Now to straighten some things out, we have a lot of stray cats in our area. And I mean A LOT. City hall “imports” cats into neighbourhoods so that they keep the rats away. People feed them, some even go as far as luring them into their gardens and feeding them closer to home, for a better rat-shooing effect. So since neither one of my cats had a collar, a chip, or looked like anyone had been taking care of them, I am not, contrary to my UK friends’ belief, a cat-napper.

I saw Sunneh on the same stairs where I found Dish, a few months after she adopted us. His eyes were still closed and he was covered in so much dry blood he looked dark brown, instead of light ginger. There was no mother cat about, and this area was where two somewhat unpleasant dogs were let out to roam about in the evening. This was a no-brainer, really.

I named him Sunneh after a Swedish guildmate’s nickname. He too, of course, played a druid (at that point).

Dish was not happy. She hissed at him, she hissed at me and she stopped hanging out with me the way she used to before I betrayed her so with a new kitten. For the first two days, I kept them separated while I brushed all the fleas out of him. Dish stalked us out through the glass door. I think it was roughly after a week that the vet said he’ll be alright, and I finally let Dish get to know him a little closer. She was terrified of him right until he started eating the same food as her, at that point she adopted the role of older sister and started teaching him everything she knew herself, which didn’t take long. The most important skill he learned from her is how to drink from the waterbowl, by splashing the water all over the floor. That and chewing through the tough bag to get to the food.

They work really well together: when one of them gets stuck in a closet, cupboard or gets locked in a room somewhere, the other runs and brings me or my husband to the rescue. They clean each other’s faces in those hard to reach places. They keep entertained by playing together, and they cuddle each other in the winter while we’re not available.

I really want to write a lot more about this extraordinary ginger menace, but the past me has very little time left before the airport cab arrives, and there are still some dishes to wash and socks to find.

Here’s a relatively short video of Sunneh’s childhood days, and some of his interaction with Dish as they both grow bigger: