Time Management (Again!) and Fart Jokes

In this week’s video I stress about deadlines after a worrying realization… Kinda hard to write these video introductions without giving the contents away, because since I’ve stopped adding Dish, who’d want to see this anyway? Passive-aggressive teasers aside, I was almost good this week, and I’m trying a new way of recording my voice-over (inspired by a conversation I had with Fluffie earlier) so give me all the feedbacks!

Speaking of sudden things, Eli has developed a taste for fart jokes. There’s so much material there, I’m feverishly writing things down hoping I’ll eventually draw diary-comics out of them, but between Inktobering and Boonka-ing I doubt it’ll happen any time soon. Our poor cats though! I don’t think they enjoy our noisy farts and fart sounds as much as we do (and I’ll happily fart my glasses off as long as it makes Eli giggle) and that might be part of the reason Dish doesn’t hang out with me as much any more 😦

Do your pets react to farts? Anyone willing to make bets on how far I actually get with Boonka by December 31st? Know any good fart jokes?

Just another manic… week.

What? Saturday? Agaaaain???

This week sneaked by me, days barely registering as they flew by. Maybe I accidentally coughed my brain out on Monday, who knows? At least I got to see the new Blade Runner movie, which is AMAZING by the way (no, seriously, I don’t remember the last time I saw a film that I believed to be that great, and I know I wasn’t that excited about the first one, which might be considered blasphemy by some people I know).

I’m actually surprised I managed to scrape enough footage for this week’s video, as I barely got any time to even do my Inktober drawings. I’m really hoping the madness will calm down as Eli goes back to kindergarten starting tomorrow. She keeps asking to go, trying to take her backpack outside, and going in the general direction while out, it’s both super cute and a little sad, since she doesn’t quite understand the concept of waiting a few more days.

In this week’s Project Boonka video I show how I’ve set things up in Premiere and Toon Boom Harmony, talk about some of the issues I’m having and ramble on about sculpting with chewing-gum-clay-thing. As usual, I appreciate any feedback and comments. I’m doing my best not to ramble on too much, but I’ve yet to learn to follow a script while demonstrating something live on my screen. Maybe I should avoid doing things like that… aaaagh… decisions… Let me know what you guys think!

Octobering going as planned

Everyone on Instagram seems to be excited about October – it’s either #Inktober or Halloween or both. Inked witches, travellers, robots and monsters galloping around, while I’m sitting here, in the middle of Sukkot, sick and bummed out about silly long kindergarten holidays. Once I had that taste of freedom it’s hard to go back to 24/7 home baby fun…

Inktober is going pretty well – one week down, three and a half to go. So far I’ve smudged the ink once, ruined only two drawings by not stopping in time (although for one of them I took a photo before the inevitable happened, so you’ll never know!) and tried one new technique.

And here’s this week Project Boonka video:

How’s your week going? Anyone going to dress up for Halloween?


#Inktober is Upon Us Once Again!!!

First things first – Here’s this week’s Project Boonka Video:

As usual, I’d love any feedback on these things! I think I’m really getting into it, by the way. It’s a little hard to record with a blocked nose and a sore throat, but I’m hoping to feel better at some point this year. I’ll also try to record something a little more engaging and interesting visually for the next video, although no promises seeing how I’ll have Eli “helping” a lot more than usual.

Onwards to the big inking happening!20170930-2 004

It’s Inktober Time! Are you excited? I’m excited! Could you tell??? Read more

Project “Boonka”: Witness my Frustrations in Animation

Hello, Dearest Blog Reader!

Between being sick, adjusting to a new schedule, battling my child’s horrible sleeping habits and drawing my wrists off, life seemed way too simple and quiet, so I decided to spice things up a bit. Behold, my first Project “Boonka” Video thing! (Because you know me, always up for more motivational humiliation!)

While I cover my reasons for putting my animation struggles into video form in the.. erm.. video, I also wanted to put my art frustrations into words for today’s blog post. Read more

Mobile and Pro with a Studio

On Monday we sneaked off to Tel-Aviv while our kid was kindergartening and purchased MobileStudio Pro. With my dearest computer dying of old age, every crash could be its last, and since I don’t intend to game in the foreseeable future, it was decided to update my wacom tablet as well.

It’s been less than a week, and I’m still customizing and setting things up. I still don’t have a proper stand for it, so using it for prolonged periods of time is somewhat warm and uncomfortable, but other than that I’m very happy with it. (I’ll do a proper big review later on once I’ve used it enough)

Photo 16-09-2017110314smPhoto 16-09-2017110442-sm

A new month, a new life?

Soooooo, there’s been a rather big change in my life lately – my baby started kindergarten. She’s still getting used to the place and the people, and I’m adjusting as well, but all in all it hasn’t been as scary and stressful as I feared… yet.

With a whopping 5.5 hours all to myself daily there’s a whole lot I can get done, and hopefully the results will soon show in this blog!


(I’ve been meaning to do this comic strip for a few months now, but I only got around to finishing it now, so there we have it. This is exactly how I first heard her call me “mama” properly, and if it doesn’t quite make sense to you, then this post will clear things up a bit. )

Read more