Poor Little Big Blog and Big Smaller Animation Plans

Oh my poor little blog! Even though I update here weekly, I still feel like I’ve abandoned or at least neglected you somehow. If I survive this month I promise to change!

So December is upon us, and with it, my Boonka deadline. I think I’ve come to terms with my failure, after all, it’s been in the back of my mind from the very start. This is going to be a hard month: there’s a LOT of rough animation to do, quite a few backgrounds to draw and if that wasn’t enough I somehow found myself involved in 2 more art-related projects that involve other people.

Because of all of this, there isn’t a daily-drawing theme for December. I mean, I’ll still be drawing a lot, what with animating daily and all, but I probably won’t have much to post on Instagram, although I might go back to my morning drawings as I tend to wake up around 5AM these days. We’ll see.

Do any of you guys put Xmas trees or other holiday decorations up? We’ve been putting a tree up ever since Eli was born, and it’s really cool watching her grow more and more involved in the process of decorating stuff. We’ve yet to wrap the gifts and stick them under the tree (which won’t go well with Sunneh, who enjoys chilling out right beneath the branches) and I’m curious to see if that’ll cause any trouble.

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