Dinosaurs, Rainbows, Oh My!

This has been a surprisingly uneventful week. One would think that with my husband gone for a whole 5 days I’d get up to all sorts of mischief like burning more pans, losing all the remotes or flooding the bathroom, but the worst I did was teach Eli how to blow a whistle. I even managed to keep the house clean till his arrival (he’s been home for one day and the living room already looks like we were attacked by marker shooting bandits).

I even recorded and edited episode 6 of Project Boonka a freaking day in advance!

Inktober is ending, and I don’t have any other daily drawing project lined up. My drawing buddy and I will probably pick a daily sketch theme to keep spamming each other with, but I’m not sure it’ll be post-worthy on my side. I’ll definitely keep the daily drawing habit up though – I recently broke down and bought 2 more sketchbooks, so I need to fill them up. And I’m looking forward to doing a “sketchbook tour” video of my Inktober sketchbook once that one is finished.

I’m really enjoying making these videos so far. My biggest challenge is still the voice-over, as I don’t seem to be able to talk properly even when I know what I’m going to say (I’ve ditched the scripts for now, but I still write down a couple of points I want to mention). I’m hoping my struggles will eventually pay off and my speaking skills will level up. I already catch myself thinking about how and what I want to say before saying it out loud in day-to-day conversations (admittedly, mostly with the cats and Eli this week) and trying to “edit out” the excessive mumbling and unrelated rants.

The weather is lovely today – it’s both raining and sunny, so Eli might go out looking for rainbows with my husband. (As I was typing the previous sentence I heard them getting dressed for the outside in the other room, and intervened just in time to prevent Eli from going out in her jammies.)

On a pajama related note, I had a disturbing dream today: I was chilling on the beach with the little one, waiting for a dinosaur invasion. As soon as we saw the dinosaur stampede on the horizon, I, alongside everyone else in the crowd, grabbed my kid and started running in the opposite direction. Once we got to a “safe” point, I started looking for my backpack in the pile of bags nearby, as we clearly needed things and supplies on our dinosaur-escaping adventure. I found the bag, but someone had stolen all my useful stuff, leaving only some flannel PJs, and dirty underwear (not mine, ewwwww). This is where I realized how serious everything actually was, and started wondering why I didn’t organize everything better. Also, that people will definitely steal your stuff, just like in the army, and that I should’ve kept my possessions on me the entire time. The guy that was helping me look then started tearing his daughter’s teddy bear to pieces (she was further away with her mom and couldn’t see what he was doing) saying that he can’t afford to carry the extra weight of her toys, and that he’ll just tell her the dinosaurs got him. I woke up in cold sweat and a panic, because I realized I couldn’t carry Eli, the bag and both my cats (and their food) at the same time while running away from certain doom.

Back on topic, I’ve not been posting enough drawings here lately. Seeing how the only art-related activities are either all included in the video or will be posted in the Big Inktober post next week, I’m going to stick all the Boonka backgrounds in here, since I’ve not shown all of them anywhere yet. I’m currently mulling over the idea of doing everything in a very different style, and to redo all the backgrounds on paper… But I’ll sit on this idea while continuing work on the new animatic shots, because it smells like another sneaky avoidance tactic by my brain.

The rain has stopped for now, and here I am worrying about dinosaurs and cats again. Do you have an emergency evacuation plan worked out? What are the important things to pack with you, considering the world is ending as we know it and that people will be fighting desperately for survival and will likely kill you over valuable stuff, like a box of matches or canned beans?

I need to go hug a cat now.

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