Time Management (Again!) and Fart Jokes

In this week’s video I stress about deadlines after a worrying realization… Kinda hard to write these video introductions without giving the contents away, because since I’ve stopped adding Dish, who’d want to see this anyway? Passive-aggressive teasers aside, I was almost good this week, and I’m trying a new way of recording my voice-over (inspired by a conversation I had with Fluffie earlier) so give me all the feedbacks!

Speaking of sudden things, Eli has developed a taste for fart jokes. There’s so much material there, I’m feverishly writing things down hoping I’ll eventually draw diary-comics out of them, but between Inktobering and Boonka-ing I doubt it’ll happen any time soon. Our poor cats though! I don’t think they enjoy our noisy farts and fart sounds as much as we do (and I’ll happily fart my glasses off as long as it makes Eli giggle) and that might be part of the reason Dish doesn’t hang out with me as much any more 😦

Do your pets react to farts? Anyone willing to make bets on how far I actually get with Boonka by December 31st? Know any good fart jokes?

5 thoughts on “Time Management (Again!) and Fart Jokes

  • Omg I inspired something! YAY! I don’t know any good fart jokes, but my kids used to like when I had a fart soundboard on my phone. They’d get a kick out of that (and so did I). My dog would jump and look thoroughly confused when she, or someone else, would fart. She would raise her ears up and down, look side to side, whip her head around like she was trying to catch someone/something, then start running around the house at full speed…it was really funny.

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    • I best not get any fart soundboards then, or I’ll never get to use my phone again D:
      So it sounds like dogs fart quite often, interesting. I’ve not had a dog for well over 20 years, so I didn’t really know that (or not paid attention, since farting hasn’t been such a hot topic of conversation for me before). I’ve never observed my cats farting though. They do snore though!
      I just googled “do cats fart” in the middle of writing this comment *facepalm*. And yes they do, but those are mostly tiny ninja farts (in case you were curious :P).
      I’m still sitting here imagining your dog being confused by her own farts and it makes for a hilarious animation in my brain (thanks to your very animator-y description). I don’t know what type of dog she is, and can’t decide if it works best with a tiny fluffy one or a big loud one 😀


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