Just another manic… week.

What? Saturday? Agaaaain???

This week sneaked by me, days barely registering as they flew by. Maybe I accidentally coughed my brain out on Monday, who knows? At least I got to see the new Blade Runner movie, which is AMAZING by the way (no, seriously, I don’t remember the last time I saw a film that I believed to be that great, and I know I wasn’t that excited about the first one, which might be considered blasphemy by some people I know).

I’m actually surprised I managed to scrape enough footage for this week’s video, as I barely got any time to even do my Inktober drawings. I’m really hoping the madness will calm down as Eli goes back to kindergarten starting tomorrow. She keeps asking to go, trying to take her backpack outside, and going in the general direction while out, it’s both super cute and a little sad, since she doesn’t quite understand the concept of waiting a few more days.

In this week’s Project Boonka video I show how I’ve set things up in Premiere and Toon Boom Harmony, talk about some of the issues I’m having and ramble on about sculpting with chewing-gum-clay-thing. As usual, I appreciate any feedback and comments. I’m doing my best not to ramble on too much, but I’ve yet to learn to follow a script while demonstrating something live on my screen. Maybe I should avoid doing things like that… aaaagh… decisions… Let me know what you guys think!

5 thoughts on “Just another manic… week.

  • I love when you (and people in general) have a more naturalistic approach to speaking like you’ve done in this video. That’s just me though. I guess it depends on what it’s for. If it’s for a tutorial or something similar a script might help and be easier to edit/cut together. If it’s just talking about your process or in this case, your Project Boonka, I think it’s fine to say what comes naturally. I don’t know…just my opinion:-) Ultimately however you want to handle it is the right way though, it’s your art and videos. This is looking great so far!

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    • Also, when you were talking about “Needing approval to move on because you feel you lack the knowledge etc.” Dan was like “that sounds familiar” and I said “did I record this?” Lol. I can relate SOOOOO much! You’re doing great though, the positive thing is that will help you keep moving forward but it does make you doubt yourself. It’s not stopping you from working so that is good…I allow mine to cripple me a lot.

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      • Ah, one of my biggest and scariest blocks. When I’m all rolled up in a ball on the couch thinking I’ll never amount to anything because my stuff sucks I try and get inspired by my kid (who’s often bouncing up and down on the rolled up me, because mommy makes funny sounds when jumped on). She’s so determined to put her sweater on all by herself! She gets angry and frustrated when her head doesn’t fit into the sleeve, and waves me off when I try to sneakily help her, but so far she’s managed to get herself into that sweater every single time. So it’s often inside out, and/or back to front, but she gets there, and then she’s super happy and proud of the accomplishment. Thinking back to her learning to crawl/walk it’s even more astonishing, and I envy that stubborn determination to acquire the needed skills. Imagine the stuff we could achieve as grown ups if we could retain even a quarter of that, instead of sitting on our butts procrastinating and feeling insecure. I still feel inadequate and inferior with my attempts, but I just tell myself that no one really cares how bad I am except me, and that the only way to get better is to keep going. It also helps to pretend I’m my own mom/mentor person, and try and give myself advice from that view point, where I’d want to encourage and criticize in a highly constructive manner, coming up with solutions and whatnot.


      • I love your animation shorts and drawings, and I apologize for sounding like a broken record here, but I really wish you’d share more of them! And your music as well, it must be awesome to be able to write your own soundtracks. I’ve subscribed/signed up to your blogs that I was able to find, and you can be sure you’ve got at least one loyal fan, always looking forward to your next post. Screw that crippling fear of “not being good enough”, we need more skeletal horses and badass unicorns and fluffy little monster and whatever else that amazing brain of yours thinks up.

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    • Thank you, this gave me lots of food for thought. On the one hand, I too prefer “natural speaking” as it’s generally faster to do and creates a more casual atmosphere. On the other hand, scripted talk ensures I bring up all the points I want to mention and the video stays a reasonable length as there’s a lot less “downtime” as I try to gather my thoughts.
      The downside to just winging it is that I tend to stutter, repeat myself, use a lot of “parasite” words and phrases and mmmmmm too much. All the while forgetting things I wanted to talk about until after I’ve more or less edited everything together. And the problem with reading off a script is that it’s still too obvious I’m reading, and the amount of time it takes me to write and then read/record it (numerous times too) is almost triple of what I’d spend just mmmmmming my way through an improvised video.
      Maybe a blend of these two options is the way to go? Write a list of bullet points I want to talk about, and then just go with it? Hopefully as I work on it more I’ll get more articulate and will stop forgetting how to English mid-sentence 😛
      Hmm, it looks like quite a wall of text, but I think I came up with a possible solution mulling over your comment, which I’m very grateful for!


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