#Inktober is Upon Us Once Again!!!

First things first – Here’s this week’s Project Boonka Video:

As usual, I’d love any feedback on these things! I think I’m really getting into it, by the way. It’s a little hard to record with a blocked nose and a sore throat, but I’m hoping to feel better at some point this year. I’ll also try to record something a little more engaging and interesting visually for the next video, although no promises seeing how I’ll have Eli “helping” a lot more than usual.

Onwards to the big inking happening!20170930-2 004

It’s Inktober Time! Are you excited? I’m excited! Could you tell???

20170930-2 008

As I sat down to ink today’s daily drawing, I realized my faithful sidekick, the Winsor&Newton ink bottle that served me well for years, is full of weird blackish goo. Taking a well estimated guess, I’d say it’s due to me having slightly broken the bottle top while attempting to open it with my teeth that one time… Needless to say, I learned my lesson and found out what ink tastes like. I did not expect it to go bad though 😦

20170930-2 009

Good thing I bought some overpriced tiny ink bottles at the Royal Observatory in Greenwich during my UK trip earlier this year. I’ve not yet chewed their tops off, so everything seems to be intact so far.

20170930-2 002

I suspect I’ll break and buy more ink during the month, as the chances of me (or Eli, or either one of the cats) spilling something and making a dreadful mess are rather high. I’ll be following the official prompt list by Jake Parker, and for my general theme I’ll try and make every drawing Boonka-related, since I need to draw her A LOT anyway.


I’ll be posting my #inktober pages daily on Instagram and then make one big End of Inktober post here when it’s all done. I feel a bit weird not having participated in the RubberOnion Challenge this month, but I only have a limited amount of hours in a day, sadly. Oh well, 8 out of 12 months isn’t that bad.

Will you be participating in #Inktober (drawing something in ink every day of October 2017)? Can you tell how shiny my Royal Observatory inks are? What did you think of the Project Boonka Episode 2 video and do you want me to keep posting them weekly in the blog? Are these questions making you uncomfortable? I have this feeling I might’ve forgotten something here, but for the life of me I cannot think of anything right now…

Have a wonderful week and thank you for making it this far!

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