Project “Boonka”: Witness my Frustrations in Animation

Hello, Dearest Blog Reader!

Between being sick, adjusting to a new schedule, battling my child’s horrible sleeping habits and drawing my wrists off, life seemed way too simple and quiet, so I decided to spice things up a bit. Behold, my first Project “Boonka” Video thing! (Because you know me, always up for more motivational humiliation!)

While I cover my reasons for putting my animation struggles into video form in the.. erm.. video, I also wanted to put my art frustrations into words for today’s blog post.

I’m currently living my art nightmare – backgrounds and style. I suppose I somehow hoped that if I ignore them for long enough they’ll just sort themselves out, but strangely, this is not how things work, apparently. I had a vague idea of how I want things to look in my head for years, but whenever I try to place things and colours down, things just go all over the place.

I went looking for ideas and inspiration, and came to the realization that I kind of want the backgrounds to look like Samurai Jack art. Now, I fully realize I’m nowhere close to executing things on THAT level, but I’m in love with the general concept, and will be exploring the idea further, now that I have some sort of understanding of what I need to do.

For starters, I took some screenshots from Samurai Jack: The Four Seasons of Death Episode.


Then I just started drawing one of the starting backgrounds. I picked a palette using Paletton and tried to fit things with the general composition I’ve decided upon during the storyboard phase:

The first three were pretty similar, so for the next two I went for something slightly different, still using my Negev reference photos for the general feel of the place. (For that last pink one I was getting frustrated, so tried getting the pesky outlines out of my system.)

I seemed to be moving backwards, so I tried doing some mountain studies instead:

I’m suspiciously optimistic. There are no kindergarten holidays next week (except for Friday) and I’m hoping to GET STUFF DONE now that I know which direction I want to be moving in. I have a week to prepare another episode video thing, and I want it to be more than just “eeeeeeh, so here’s another rock I drew and more footage of Dish licking her bum”.

And the usual questions: What do you think of the video? Was the length better this time (as opposed to the making-of Boonka and her coat videos)? Any suggestions as to how I can improve?

Thank you and have a lovely week!

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