Sketchy Selfies #16-#46

I have mixed feelings about drawing myself.

On the one hand there are all the advantages of having a live model on demand at all times. On the other, it still feels weird to then have so many drawings of myself, and even weirder showing that to anyone. That and I still can’t get a reasonable level of likeness…

For 30 days after turning 31, I drew my own face first thing in the morning. I did not limit myself to any one technique or colour, and had fun with it most days. I thought there’d be a correlation between my moods, whether I was wearing glasses at the time, or general well-being, but so far I’ve not been able to pin-point any of that. Some of the better (and the worst) drawings as far as I see, have been drawn while I was feeling contrasting emotions, varying hours of sleep and different levels of comfort. The only pattern I see is in the materials I used: pencil sketches are overall more confident, while anything I tried without an “undersketch” is randomly wonky.

I originally intended to try and create some sort of animation with it, where each portrait is a frame (akin to what I did for Eli’s first year, taking a photo of her every day). I’ll stick it under the “read more” tag, because the blinking might give you a headache.



2 thoughts on “Sketchy Selfies #16-#46

  • Wow, great project and thank you for posting! In some I do recognize you in some I don’t, but that’s not the point, – it’s most interesting is your observations about lack of correlation between the mood and the how “successful” the drawing is…

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    • Thanks! I thought it’d be more like a visual diary of sorts in the end, I was pretty surprised it came out this way. Maybe next time I’ll limit myself further and only use pencils.. or markers, wonder if I’ll just end up with very similar looking faces.


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