A Little Squee!

My Food Fight animation got Daily Pick on NewGrounds! Having something I made noticed by someone outside the RubberOnion battles circle is kind of a big deal for me, and I’m still pretty excited about it, even though it’s kind of old news at this point.


I’m still working on today’s Diary Comic, and I doubt I’ll finish it today, as I’m attempting to include backgrounds (gasp! shock! fainting sounds!). That’s what I’m working on this month, by the way, drawing backgrounds and environments, while also doing various perspective exercises. Horrible stuff!

I’m also trying to post on Instagram daily these days, so other than doing a daily self-portrait and background sketch, I also try to doodle a little something I don’t hate too much to post, but admittedly it’s a lot harder than I thought.

It’s still stupidly hot over here, which has been affecting my productivity and mood, but taking it slow and moving in baby steps seems to be kind of keeping things afloat, so far. I keep telling myself that in order to have more energy I need to use up more energy, I should really draw a big poster about it and hang it above the computer screen. And on the fridge. And by the couch. And possibly on the ceiling above my bed..

How’s summer going in your parts?

7 thoughts on “A Little Squee!

      • I feel both so excited and silly about the views I get. On the one hand, it’s crazy that anyone other than my kid might be interested in my drawings, while on the other, the view numbers I get are next to non-existent in internet terms really…
        I was curious, do you show your animation to your family? How do they tend to react?


  • I know how you feel on that one too. I get like, 100 views on something and I’m like OMG! But in the trillion is relevant world it’s like…yeah. Means a lot to me though, I’m happy if ANYONE see is or likes it:-) I don’t have much family, but I do show the family I have and my friends. They, of course, love everything I do or at least say they do. Always pushing me to do more, like a series or something. So I’m going to try that, not sure if anyone will like it or even watch it. It’ll be good practice for me and give me something to focus on. I tend to be a little scatterbrained. What does your family say about yours?


  • I know I’m late, but better late…!!! So – it’s not by chance that your movie was mentioned, it’s because it deserves it!!! It’s a breakthrough, if I may put it that way. Mark the day, hehe! It’ll be a sweet memory to recollect when you’ll be an experienced accomplished animator with many projects under your belt, then you’ll be saying – “ah, yes, that’s when it really started!” )))

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