Food Fight!

I was so concerned with whether I could, that I did not stop to think whether I should… It is too late now, my August RubberOnion Challenge is now COMPLETE!!! *evil laughter*

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It started off the way it normally does – I had a “genius” idea in the middle of the night. I limited myself: if I wasn’t going to finish it by the weekend, I wasn’t going to do it at all. And I suppose I was so anxious to see if it’s even possible, that I actually kind of pulled it off.

I started off by drawing the entire animation in ToonBoom Harmony. I numbered every pose, and did my best to use as few of them as possible. I was going after the “old game” look, and I wanted it to be both somewhat recognizable yet non-specific.

It started out well enough, with the little dough characters looking comfortable on the baking tray:


I was a little horrified when I saw what they ended up like once fully baked though.. The recipe I used isn’t very good for keyframes, as the dough rises, cracks open and basically does whatever the hell it pleases. Here are all my frames in a group shot (can you spot the ones from the unbaked shot?) :


I wanted to use cake-decoration candy for the eyes, but they kept on slipping off the faces and generally misbehaving.  I actually shot the entire sequence in stop motion, the way I originally planned, but it was extremely difficult to keep track of which cookie was which frame, the eyes kept trying to escape, and I was still shooting with no onion skin. So then I redid everything in Photoshop, where each cookie had its own properly labelled layer and life became much easier. I edited everything in Adobe Premiere Pro, added the healthbar effect and the countdown in After Effects, edited all the sounds (taken from the lovely in Audition and was done before my family came over for some lasagna today.

With all the technical difficulties (like being covered in sticky dough from head to cat) and organizational troubles (which shot is this cookie from?) the most difficult and challenging part was not to actually eat any of the frames before I was done with them.

The cookies were an instant hit. Eli particularly enjoyed chewing off all the limbs and then abandoning the disfigured carcass as she moved on to the next one. Dish tried to take a dive into the cookie dough bowl… While my husband controlled his instincts and didn’t steal any cookies till after I was done shooting them. As a bonus for anyone who made it this far, here’s the recipe I used:

-1 egg
-1 cup of sugar
-1/3 cup vegetable oil
-1 tablespoon of milk
-1 teaspoon of baking powder

Mix everything and add enough flour so that you can sculpt from the resulting mess. Lay on a baking tray on some baking paper, and bake till it looks ready. My oven temperature is always set to roughly 200 degrees and I just tend to keep an eye and a nose on it, and I don’t know what a good cookie-making temperature is.

Let me know if you ever attempt cookie animation as well, I’d love to laugh at someone else fail like me see it!

On an unrelated note, today is my friend’s birthday. Happy Birthday, dear A! (and her wonderful, ever watchful eyeballs!)


4 thoughts on “Food Fight!

  • Aaaa! Xusha, this one is the best! The best! Love it, everything is perfect! (And what the oven did to the shape was also perfect, you have a very artistic oven with a good taste! Oh well, may be the cookies are those with the good taste… good artistic taste… aaa, I am confused now!)
    So, the eyeballs absolutely approve! And thank (with a delay, which is very much me…) for the congratulations!
    Once again – you made it! Remember the “production value” term or something like this that one of our teachers used? So this one has it! The technique is surprising and fresh (and yummy) and all looks good! Keep it up!
    *Oh, while watching (several times) I only suspected that the eyes were not, actually, M&Ms, and it worked just fine.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much! The oven’s blushing a little as well.. that or I forgot to turn it off 🙂
      In all fairness, the eyes aren’t actually m&ms, but some similar looking candy, so your suspicions were correct 🙂


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