Heat, Hair and Harachter Hesign.

I’m sorry about the title, my poor overheated brain is finding it pretty funny for some reason. And we just ran out of watermelon >.<

It is still very very very very hot. The AC isn’t managing very well in the living room, the fan does little but create soothing background noise in my “office” and Eli’s hair needed cutting but I didn’t risk taking her to my hairdresser just yet.


I’m still drawing a page in my Morning Pages Sketchbook every day at six in the morning. Sometimes I post these on Instagram. I’m pretty happy with that sketchbook 30 pages in.

Ever since May I’ve been exchanging daily drawings with a cool girl I met at one of the tabletop games days we do at my house every blue moon with an old friend from work. She told me she wanted to start drawing more, but needed a little push. Being closely familiar with that situation, I suggested we do something that helped me years ago, so now we pick a monthly theme and comment/criticize each other’s work. She just finished up the sketchbook she started for this, which hasn’t happened to her before 😀

In May, we just drew mermaids (since I was already doing that anyway and didn’t want to burn out too fast). June was all about butt studies  anatomy studies, and I’m tempted to do those every other month at least, but then nothing’s stopping me from doing those daily in my morning sketchbook before my brain wakes up. In July we both wanted to try our hands at character design/development. I’ve been toying around with the idea of a graphic novel for a long time (I had to look up the difference between a graphic novel and a comic book just now, learn something new every day!) and in the past 22 days I made more progress on it that I did in 4 years. So far I know how it starts, how it’ll end and a vague idea what I’m going to stuff in the middle. These are the two main characters so far (a lot of work is still needed here, but at least now their images are a little clearer in my mind):


For this month’s Rubber Onion Battle I’m going all out: I’ve recorded myself singing (again.. I’m so sorry for all of you with musical hearing!), created my own music loop in SoundTrap with the free bits using my extremely limited guitar skills, inserted a lot of different shots (one with camera movement *gasp*) and went over the 15 seconds limit by 20 frames. I intend to do it in full colour as well, and with a little over a week to go I highly doubt I’ll finish it on time. In order to feel less bad about abandoning my Boonka animation in favour of participating in the battles on a monthly basis, I’m going to try and include her as much as possible in there. I’m hoping to get more practice animating her, and maybe even figure out a final look for my film.

How are you coping with the weather? Any creative projects you’ve been meaning to invest in for a while? Anyone got any good web comic recommendations?

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