July Bujo Setup

I’m kind of happy with the July gate I’ve done, so here I am sharing my current Bullet Journal setup again…

07-03-belatedjune2017 090

This month I’ve skipped the extra spreads like meal planning/shopping and “doodle therapy”. Planning the meals a day or two ahead doesn’t really require a spread, and trying to do it a week or so beforehand just doesn’t seem to work for me. I log everything I eat with a calorie counting app anyway, so it’s somewhat redundant in that aspect as well.

Instead, I like to have my month written out all nice and neat (as you can see I managed to screw up with the week days here) and any future things that I don’t have a weekly spread for go here. I write down all the month’s birthdays on the left side, and any appointments, important dates, holidays and whatnots on the right.

Under my Habit Tracker I write the left over tasks from the previous month, and any extra bits I’d like to remember to get done that aren’t tied to any specific date.

07-03-belatedjune2017 091

This is the weekly spread that works best for me, where I have just enough room for my daily to-dos and a short diary-style summary of the day.

07-03-belatedjune2017 092

I like to mark the month with a different washi tape on the side of the page, so that I can see all the month’s pages easily when the journal is shut. It also justifies the amount of washi tape I’d like to own and use. I also put a little bookmark made out of this magical tape stuck on itself (as you can see on the “July Gate” photo) at the first page of the current month, because I keep my in-built journal bookmarks on the moods page and current week.

07-03-belatedjune2017 100

The Morning Pages doodling is going pretty well, I’ve not skipped a day yet, but they’re not all that interesting to look at all the time. I post the more colourful ones on Instagram, but I’m having doubts about that as well, since I’d like to have more “polished” work in there instead of flooding it with sketches. Would anyone here be interested in seeing these drawings here, all gathered up at the end of the month?

I just realized I’ve not yet posted the things I’ve been nominated for! Hopefully I’ll sneak these posts in during the upcoming week, while Eli naps. And I should get back to the diary comics as well, I’ve got so many ideas that need drawing!

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