June’s Rubber Onion Battle Post

It is that time of the month again, where I upload my animation experiments and complain about not having enough hours in the day.

Jif, remember that one time you very subtly hinted that you’d like to see me try to animate a flower? Well, you’re my muse for this, because I had no clue what to do with June’s theme (Nature Show Minus Animals) until I recalled your comment.

I thought my first idea was rather clever for about two weeks. I took my sweet time recording the voices, and then even longer drawing the actual thing.
The joke was, the animal the show was about escaped the set and terrorized the rest of the household with bad fart jokes, so the entire animation would be the camera just showing the plants in the terrarium. A still image, of sorts. It all depended on my ability to create a viable flower and background drawing in Harmony (my animation program) and move the “camera” oh so slightly.
Well… Turns out I’m not good enough to recreate my watercolour and pen sketches on my computer, just yet (and the thought of using After Effects instead terrified me), as the resulting mess made both my eyes and ears hurt. I even added a poorly rotoscoped camera movement in a pathetic attempt to spice things up, which made things even worse. There was no way I was going to submit that.

Concept art for the Catnomnom, and trying to figure out what to call it 🙂

Fortunately, there was still some time left, so I floundered into the other extreme: frame-by-frame full animation. I ran out of time (of course), so in addition to not having finished the animation properly, the final rushed copy/pasted disaster kind of spoils all the work I put into it.
I meant to record voice-over that would say: “Thanks to a bunch of crazy scientists, the Catnomnom plant will cough up hair balls, ruin furniture, scratch everything and wreck your potted plants, just like a real cat.” And at the end, on the “wreck your potted plants” bit, the Catnomnom would notice the flowerpot it’s growing out of, and would attack it, knocking the pot and itself off the table and out of the frame. I was even hoping to attempt the “delayed fall” gag, as the plant looks worriedly into the camera, hanging in the air, before dropping down… Dreams, dreams.

Maybe next time I’ll manage my time better *glances at the Bullet Journal and the fancy setup for July*

For those of you who made it this far (or just scrolled all the way to the bottom), here’s the failed version:


One thought on “June’s Rubber Onion Battle Post

  • Aw, I’m honoured to be your muse! I quite like your failed version actually, though the Catnomnom is oddly cute, in a creepy sort of way, like, it might sort of play pleasingly with your hair as it’s eating your face. 😀


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