The Dish Post

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Seeing how I can’t really comment on what’s going on with me right now, since I’m writing this from the past, I thought I should go even further back and tell you lovely lot about Rediska, aka Dish, the older one of my two goofy cats.


It all started on a lovely summer day, which wasn’t too hot, nor too humid, for it was just right. I was coming home from work, climbing the 200 stairs leading up to our previous house, when suddenly, a tiny kitten jumped out at me from the bushes.

The kitten looked at me with her humongous green eyes, sat up on her hind legs and reached out with her tiny paws, miawing in what I thought was a friendly way. At first I just stood there going “Awwwwww”, so she approached my foot and started climbing up my leg.


I was happy I worked the type of job that required me to wear trousers, because long trouser legs come in extremely handy when a tiny fluffball is slowly clawing her way up to your knee. I phoned my husband and informed him that I think I’ve been found by a cat. We had previously agreed that we want a pet, either a cat or a ferret, so I think he was rather relieved that the search was over.

The vet said that she was perfectly healthy, and that the weird squinting thing she did with her left eye is nothing to worry about. I named her Rediska, for her playfullness and mischief.
There’s this old cult Soviet movie, which coined the phrase “a radish is a not-good person” which sounds rather awkward when I try to translate it directly. It’s a made-up expression that was supposed to be part of prison/criminal slang (they couldn’t use real criminal slang because of censorship). I named my World of Warcraft druid character Rediska (which is Russian for “radish”) for these same reasons, because I made her to snatch rare herbs off other players, which often send them into swearing fits at me, only the words they used weren’t as kid friendly as that.
So this same name seemed perfect for our newest family member, and it got shortened to Dish very quickly.


We suspect that Dish doesn’t see too well with her left eye, which would explain her horrible depth perception. It actually makes her a very comfortable cat, because she can’t jump very high, and therefore make a mess in hard to reach places. She prefers to roam the lower, safer, close to the floor levels of life.

The photo below was taken shortly before Dish’s life turned upside down as I brought in another kitten, Sunneh (he’ll have the next blog post written all about him). She was still a naive and innocent kitten back then:


Her main talents include being very soft and cuddly, chewing through most plastic and all cardboard, getting herself locked in closets, drawers and cupboards, caring for Sunneh and loving water. (She will not leave the sink if you turn the tap on. In fact, she’ll want to stay there even more.)

I’d say that the oddest thing about Dish is her freakish obsession with anyone sitting on the toilet. Normally, she doesn’t enjoy being picked up and cuddled. She’ll try to slip out and liquid away, looking overall unpleased until she’s set back down on the floor. However, if you’re not quick enough to shut the bathroom door, she’ll rocket in, and then very actively harass you and your exposed bottom until you pick her up and scratch/pet her till she’s satisfied with the amount of affection she bullied out of you. There will be deafening purring, nuzzling and booping, which seems to work even on people who claim to be allergic to cats. At some point I thought it would be a good idea to spend that time brushing her out, since she won’t let me do it otherwise, and as a result she now obnoxiously demands to be thoroughly brushed every time I errr… use the bathroom.

I will conclude this Part One of Stories About My Cats with this lovely portrait of Rediska, which perfectly captured her pleasant personality:



4 thoughts on “The Dish Post

    • Sounds like one vicious car you’ve got there.. damn autocorrect! It’s a good thing cats don’t need that much washing normally, right? My second cat makes up for this one though, luckily they clean each other up pretty well 😀


      • The cat was really actually very friendly and not at all vicious. He wasn’t scratching us out of malice, but rather a frenzied attempt to get out of the water which inevitably I ended up getting in the cross fire!

        Liked by 1 person

      • Oh, I apologize! I didn’t mean to slander your cat D: I absolutely know what you mean, I experienced a similar thing happening while trying to get both my cats into carriers when we were moving, only one of them was also shooting poop from her bottom >.< hope not to move again, any time soon..


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