15 Seconds to Fail

Since today’s #Mermay prompt is “baby-maid” (which I guess means a mer-baby? unless this should be about baby labour O.o) I decided to cheat and combine it with my weekly comic, resulting in this somewhat weird filler page:


This past week has been busy with preparations for our UK trip. I’m frantically trying to draw and schedule blog posts for the next three Saturdays, as I won’t be home to comfortably do stuff on my precious computer. I should still be able to write short updates from my phone, if I fail and don’t finish these future posts, and having this Plan B is doing wonders to my motivation, where I’m not really worried and am determined to enjoy myself 🙂

Speaking of being worried…

Can you guys see the above Instagram video embedding thing? It mostly works for me, I think, across the different devices I try to view it on, but there’s probably an easier, idiot-proof way to post Instagram stuff that I’m just not aware of.

Yes, so much for the “all-nighters” I promised myself. I’ve almost gotten over the bitter disappointment with myself and my time-management. Even though I no longer have the luxury of the extra baby-free time, I should have still finished this during Eli’s day naps, had I not procrastinated so much. Either way, having posted this half-baked animatic after the deadline, I figured I was too slow to participate in the month’s battle and just wanted to have it up for the few people I’ve already mentioned this to who were eager to see how it ended up, but then Stephen asked that I send him the file for the complilation and now I think I might be included after all. My entries have been going downhill lately: March was basically a test, with me learning a new technique, and now April is not even a proper animatic, going onto May, where my only chance of producing something is some sort of stop motion excercise using my phone while I’m in England. I actually have a few thoughts about how I can make that happen, but it really depends on the lighting conditions and if I’ll manage to squeeze it in between all the sight seeing. Fingers crossed it all works out!


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