May the 4th be with you, still going at it!


Today, a year ago, I started this blog! I didn’t know about Mermay straight away, but I did stumble across it four days later and then drew a mermaid every day since then for the rest of May. This year I’m a little more prepared. I’m even trying to follow through with all the official prompts! I’m posting my mermaids daily on Instagram, but I’ll do a summary blog-post here at the end of the month after I get back from our trip. Today’s prompt was “star wars” and sadly this is all I had time for today, but I kind of like this sketch, even though it looks like her hand is about to get burned off. Do light sabers even work underwater?

2 thoughts on “May the 4th be with you, still going at it!

  • Hmm… I bet you are on the Evil Force side…. I’m not going to sleep tonight, wondering if light sabers indeed work underwater!
    On the one hand, they must be water-proof… on the other – how are they going to zzzuummm there?!

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    • As I was typing out a reply, I started to wonder what google has to say on the subject, and surely enough, there’s a reddit thread 🙂 I’m not able to post the link, but this here is the top comment:

      Since none of their components relies on oxygen to operate, a lightsaber would almost certainly work just fine in a vacuum, though it wouldn’t seem quite the same without the trademark hum.

      Most lightsabers are vulnerable to water, however; the crystal circuit can easily short out when submerged. However, an ancient modification from the early days of the Jedi order was known to circumvent this problem. Amphibious Jedi Master Kit Fisto was the first to rediscover it, finding that a bifurcating cyclical-ignition pulse (a quick-change circuit that continuously alternates drawing its power from two separate crystals) could prevent his lightsaber from shorting out underwater.

      When he added this knowledge to the Jedi holocrons it became a common modification among the Jedi generals in the clone wars, who frequently had to command on very wet worlds. One such lightsaber was Anakin Skywalker’s, and Luke studied its design and later replicated it in his own green saber. By the time he founded the New Jedi Order, crystal pulse bifurcation was standard on all new lightsabers constructed.


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