A Tortoise Encounter

Meeting Tortoise

I’ve not seen any tortoises or chameleons out and about in a long time, so it was nice spotting one the other day. I snapped a few photos as Eli gently petted her, and then I helped the impatient reptile through the bars of the fence she was unsuccessfully trying to climb. The tortoise looked to be in a great hurry to get somewhere important (probably as far away from us as possible) so I did my best not to delay her.

I wonder how Eli would react to a chameleon. She suddenly started being scared of bugs, running away and trying to climb into my arms whenever we see a fly. She did bring me a dead beetle in her tiny hands yesterday, though she probably didn’t realize what it was.

It looks like I won’t finish this month’s Rubber Onion Battle on time. I’m going to try and stay up animating at night today, but lack of any free time and proper night’s sleep haven’t been nice to me this past week. There’s one more day still, and I’m curious to see how far I can get.

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