Cats, Rubbery Onion Bras and a 13 Reasons Why Rant

Is it weird that my daughter often acts like a cat? She’ll sometimes also curl up on my lap and demand I stroke her back as well… While she hasn’t quite mastered the art of purring, the noises she makes while being cute and affectionate are equally impossible to resist. 


We spent yesterday’s morning at the pool with my mom, and the entire 3 hours we were there Eli stayed in the water. We got her a pair of these orange floaty things that you slip all the way up the arms, and I was very impressed at the speed at which she learned to hold herself up properly in the water, and propel herself about (mostly chasing after the ball). As usual when it comes to water, I had to drag her out kicking and screaming, because 3 hours clearly wasn’t enough for my little water monster. They’re building a pool in our neighbourhood, but that’ll take at least another 2 years. I wonder if she’ll learn to swim till then.



I’ve planned for this to be my big post about this month’s Rubber Onion Battle, but I’m far from finished. Seeing how the rest of this blog post is going to be a rant about a show I’ve seen but haven’t drawn any fanart for, here’s a “sketch dump” kind of page for my version of this month’s theme: 15 seconds to live.


Now Onwards to my Rant!

I’ve binge-watched 13 Reasons Why this Wednesday (and a little bit of Thursday morning) and I kind of want to try and write down some of my thoughts on it. Warning, spoilers! If you’ve not seen it, but think you might want to watch it at some point, I suggest you don’t read any further.

As the credits of the last episode started rolling, I felt a familiar mix of curiousity and confusion, which I experience more and more often lately, after watching a well made show which I suspected left me with a very different message than what the creators intended.

IMDb classifies it as Drama and Mystery. There definitely is a lot of drama, but sadly, the mystery part left me feeling cheated. There was no mystery, but the promise of it was dangled in front of my nose the entire way, only to go “poof” instead of the Big Dramatic Reveal.

I thought the first episode was very good. (I think my husband lasted another episode or two, before escaping to do his Hearthstone dailies.) It went downhill very fast from there.

Hannah, the girl who killed herself and left 13 tapes blaming other people, came off very unlikeable from the very start. She sounded so spiteful and hateful in the beginning,  that I even thought she might’ve been murdered somehow, or wasn’t even really dead. This is where I went on for well over an hour going through all the problems with the story and the characters, and then realized that everything could be explained by “they’re just horrible teenagers”:

The dead girl was a hypocritical, egotistical, irresponsible and sadistic piece of shit.  The dead girl’s enforcer is a mystery wrapped in a enigma that doesn’t seem to use his brain much other than to parrot the directions Hannah gave him. Then there’s the mismatched group of the kids who had the misfortune to interract with the dead girl, and the typical evil rapist: a rich white boy, the captain of the sports team.
In order to be able to continue watching without constantly worrying about really really really bad writing, I had to conclude that the hero boy is suffering from some kind of mental disorder (used to be on some pills, hallucinates, isn’t able to tell reality from imagination, easily manipulated, paranoid, something wrong with him processing basic human emotions).

Interestingly, some of these people have it seemingly worse than Hannah but it’s kind of played off as insignificant because they were at some point unsupportive of her. I mean, one of the boys shoots himself in the head because of the tapes (unsuccessfully, he’s last seen in “critical condition”) but it’s clearly no big deal, because he made a “who’s hot who’s not” list of the girls, so he had it coming. One of the girls is raped while she’s unconsious, and is betrayed by both her boyfriend and Hannah, who could have stopped the rape, or done something about it afterwards. While we kind of get some sort of lame explanation from the boyfriend, Hannah prefers to concentrate on more important things, like her angst and stuff. Then there’s the stalker photographer guy, who’s physically abused and bullied by the entire school (including Hannah), but that’s a whole other can of worms, especially if he does go through with the mass school shooting they hinted at in the finale.

All of which makes me wonder if maybe that was the message the show was made to convey: Let’s try and not be as bad as all these stupid kids? Being that self-centered is unhealthy, as portrayed by Hannah.

The Big Mystery was why is Hero Boy on the tapes? Everyone hints that he’s done something so horrible, it’s even worse than rape and causing a deadly car accident. The boy who lovingly looks at Hannah and wags his tail whenever she pays him any attention, who starts “avenging” her death, holding his schoolmates purely responsible, who listens and obeys Hannah’s commands.. What was his big crime? How did he kill Hannah Baker? OMG the big dramatic reveal!!!!!!! He didn’t do anything wrong, she just felt like including him in the list of people to blame and making him suicidal because he had the misfortune of showing her kindness. That part made me feel unclean. There are cheap tricks and shots that show creators pull on the viewers all the time, and I always fall for them, because I keep telling myself that this show is surely better than that. Ah well.

Another thing I’ve very curious about is how I would have felt about this show had I watched it as a teenager myself. Because at my current age I just felt extremely bad for the dead girl’s parents, a loving and caring pair, who worked really hard and hit some rough times, but still made a huge effort to keep their kid happy.

Have you watched the show? What were your impressions?

2 thoughts on “Cats, Rubbery Onion Bras and a 13 Reasons Why Rant

  • I love “the little girl …” Running Eli figure is perfect! (How did you do that? You couldn’t have found a reference… Or… Ahh, I have no clue! And she with cat form an ideal, dynamic V shape! )

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’ve actually been trying to draw poses without referencing first, and only then search out (or photograph myself) ref images for the bits that look off. That and I have over two years’ worth of pictures of Eli, from pretty much every possible angle 🙂


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