Naps and a Few Gesturing Butts

In between naps, gorging on pizza and watching movies, my first week of weekly blog posts has been surprisingly tiresome. I don’t even know why I felt that tired, but I constantly wanted to sleep, and all my body parts were too heavy. It’s highly tempting to blame that on the weather, since my husband experienced a similar sensation during the same few days. Even the little one seemed less bouncy than usual.

Either way, my high hopes of being super-productive this week fell a bit flat. Hence today’s comic page:

April 8th Comic Diary

A life time ago, feeling that low-energy (for whatever reason, be it weather or sickness) would normally result in me rolling around in self-pity and then guilt for days. Fortunately, with an active two-year old and a pair of cats, I just don’t have this luxury any more!

Now that this blog has a proper domain name and everything, I’m working on the new design and layout. I was hoping to have everything ready for today’s big post, but like I already mentioned, naps and pizzas happened, so the “big launch” is postponed.

I’m proud to announce that at least one person didn’t get my April Fool’s post, and thought that I was just being weird, again. So to honour this guy’s shattered dreams (or nightmares, not sure how he feels about my butts…) here are some gesture sketches:

15 second poses2 minute poses and 5 minutes pose

As usual, I used my current favourite place for references, the Croquis Cafe videos. The dream is to find an artist group that does live sketching somewhere in my area, but it’ll have to wait until autumn at least, so in the meantime, these videos are the next best thing as far as my experience and internet searches go 🙂

There will be a lot of restructuring and experimenting with the site layout and design this upcoming week, so stay tuned to cha… chaaa… chaa…. CHAAAANGES.

6 thoughts on “Naps and a Few Gesturing Butts

  • A butt a day keeps the doctor away! XD
    Loving the new look of the site. That cute red-radish creature is my favorite. ❤
    I still have these moments where I find myself not working on my projects, but I've learned to allow myself these moments of less then maximum effort. Recover from them and go hard again. It's all the ebb and flow of everything. Just gotta keep moving forward. 🙂

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    • Hehe, thanks! And thank you for poking about and stuff, was there anything that bugged you in the new layout btw?
      I’m hoping to find a good healthy balance between work and rest, to keep myself from burning out and from spiralling into depression and helplessness. Keep reminding myself to keep moving forward, no matter how small these steps might sometimes be 🙂

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  • Finally! Finally, after being back from Israel, I got to read all attentively! And, you know what – I was just conservative – now, looking at the new design, I see why it is better – airy somehow, calmer and nicer to read )))

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you, I’m glad you’re coming around it 😀 it’s only natural to not like new site design changes! I’m slowly going through all the old posts and editing the “read more” option in, to shorten the amount of scrolling one needs to do if they want to read the blog backwards. And I’ve fixed the categories, they’re much better organized now I think 😀

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