BuJo Doodles and Thoughts

It’s that time of the month – I’m starting to plan and paint April’s pages.

I bought more washi tape today, and I fear I’m slowly but surely turning into one of those BuJo-junkies. Next I might be going nuts on pretty pens in similar colours, or worse still, buying special stickers so that I don’t need to write the day of the week every time…


Now that the first wave of excitement about the journal has calmed down and I’ve found my comfortable routine, I’m happy to say I no longer jump at my close ones waving my red notebook shouting “Have you let BuJo into your life yet!?”

I’m mostly aware of the date and the day of the week, and I barely forget anything important these days. I sometimes even judge the importance of a thing by whether or not I wrote it down in the journal, and if I hadn’t, it clearly wasn’t THAT important. I make some time in the morning to review and plan the day ahead, move tasks around and refresh my memory on upcoming events.

Now that March is almost over I can safely say I was a bit over-enthusiastic on this month’s goals, a mistake I hope to correct in April.

I still haven’t found the perfect design for my weekly spreads, but that’s probably a good thing: I think the journal looks better overall with different designs all over the place as opposed to a same-ish uniform look. I’ve also taked to writing one good/happy thing that happened that day in there, since I normally have extra room left. On days that something noteworthy happens I write a short comment on those as well, thus eluminating my need for a personal diary/journal, which looks very sad and abandoned next to the equally deserted printer. It’s normally my go-to place to write about feelings and thoughts, but I don’t feel I have anything new or interesting to say about anything, other than angry rants, which I would cringe at and not read ever again anyway. I wonder if I’ll feel the need to write there more once I move to weekly updates of the blog.

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