A long time ago, in a distant land…

The only exciting thing that happened today was Dish trying to go for a walk outside, while my husband was bringing in the shopping bags. Oh, and I had a nap during the afternoon, while Eli had hers on the couch. Super exciting news, that!

I started this blog almost a year ago in order to motivate myself to draw or do something art related every day, and I think I have this useful habit down at this point. My bullet journal is pretty handy in this aspect as well, especially since I put the drawing task into my dailies, and I go to ridicilous lengths to check those boxes off 🙂
The downside of daily blog posts is that I very often find that I have to tear myself away from my bigger projects (that take multiple days or weeks or even months to complete) and take the time to create some kind of “filler” art to decorate the day’s post with. It wouldn’t be that big a deal if I had more time, but I still have to squeeze everything into my baby-free 3 hours, and as a result I end up with rushed posts for daily’s sake, and slower progress on Boonka and other animation/illustration stuff I’m working on. So starting next month I’m going to try weekly posts instead. I still have to work out the kinks and details and stuff, but I’m hoping that as a result I’ll end up with a better blog and more work getting done. That and those subscribed via email will get less spammy blog updates! Quality over quantity and all that… If I do feel the urge to post my scribbles more often, I’ll likely do that over on my Tumblr and Instagram.

Maybe I should have posted this announcement on the first of next month, to make it more official and serious sounding. I have, however, prepared my “filler art” for today, and wrote all this text already though. I will just have to come up with another super serious announcement for that fancy date. In the meantime, please enjoy some fanart of one of my favourite villains:


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