Distracting Tactics

If I don’t finish this animation soon I’ll quickly run out of other distracting things to show here daily!

This is another pocket-bag I’m working on at the moment. The green one is finished, and I spent the sunny morning hours trying to take good photos of it. The general idea here is to try and sell some of this stuff on Etsy at some point, so I’m stocking up and doing my research in the meantime.


So far the animation looks terrible. I’m learning A LOT as I go along, and today I realized I made some major mistakes waaaaay at the start. If I start redoing everything from scratch (AGAIN) I will not finish this on time, so I’m just moving on, knowing that it’ll come out looking bad. But seeing how the point of this exercise is to learn how to do puppet animation in Toon Boom, I think I’m accomplishing my goal. Uglily, awkwardly, but I’m getting there 😀

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