Funny-looking Old Doll

It’s amazing what one might find while rummaging through art boxes looking for some pretty shells! I started this doll back in 2008, think it was the first of its kind, with face, hands and feet sculpted out of DAS clay, and the body crocheted. I learned a lot about building the body with this one, and my following dolls were either built around a strong wire base, or had their limbs attached separately with a movable joint stitch.

I remember abandoning her after getting extremely frustrated with the hair, I couldn’t get it to stay where I wanted it to, and it kept getting horribly tangled up. Still no idea how to work with that stuff 😛


The tip of her nose and one of the ears got chipped after all the moving, but strangely enough I find it endearing… for now. I can’t remember why I started making her though, it wasn’t for any school assignment, but I remember going out to buy all the materials I needed, which I never used for anything else.


I felt a little silly putting a date on her foot at the time, but I’m really glad I did. Wish I datestamped all of my old doll stuff.


And this has been another edition of “I’m still animating, so look at this other thing in the meantime”. Have any of you discovered any old creations lately?

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