Shiny turtle tortoise doodlidoo?

Shiny paints, shiiiiiiny paaaaaaaaints……
It’s a bit hard to tear myself away from animating to do a doodle to post here… Feels like I’m not using my time efficiently enough, as I’m rushing to finish the 15 second battle entry so that I can finally concentrate on my Boonka animatic instead. The guy who wanted to voice one of my characters got shipped off somewhere, so I spent the last two days recording myself as two different kids. Seeing how I’m no voice actor, I started considering changing the boy into a girl, to possibly make it a little easier for myself, even if it will add a few more hours of work, but then a lightbulb lit up in my tired and sniffling brain, and I downloaded a voice changer (AthTek Voice Changer ver 1.5 to be precise) which seemed to fix my problem.
And since I don’t want to flood the blog with seemingly identical screenshots of my Bad Magic progress, here’s what my Bullet Journal Doodle page looks like currently:


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