No more Artist Sundays

I’ve decided to stop my Artist Sunday posts for now. I counted at least three different reasons why it’s best for me to not do them any more, and I figured that was enough.

I was hoping to be much further along in my Rubber Onion Battle entry today, but being sick for the past week really held me back. But at least I’ve got the characters down, in all the puppet glory… Except their hands, I figure I’ll just draw them as I go along? I know there’s a proper right way to do it, but I’ve not wrapped my head around that one yet.

Bad Magic chars

I’ll be recording voices later at night, hope I’ll not wake everyone up. So far I’ve found that it sounds best if I cover my head and mic with a blanket. And when I say blanket, I mean my jacket, which is clearly not big enough and keeps slipping off in all the wrong places. Think I best get a proper blanket next time… Damn, I know there are better ways to record voices, but I can’t fit into the tiny shelves of my closet 😦

5 thoughts on “No more Artist Sundays

  • It looks great so far! Why aren’t you doing the Artist Sunday anymore?

    I was hoping to be further along on mine too, misc. life stuff happening at the same time makes things difficult to say the least. I hope you get it finished:-D I don’t think there is a ‘proper’ way to do art…we kind of just wing it until it looks good and then call it a ‘technique’. LOL.

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    • Thank you 😀 I’m particularly nervous about this one, probably because the last time I did cut out animation was 10 years ago in photoshop, inventing the bicycle >.< I hope you manage to finish yours on time as well, I'm always looking forward to see what you come up with 😀
      As for Artist Sundays, I suppose I'll still be posting links to artists I like, but it'll be a bit more chaotic. I didn't like the fact that I couldn't dedicate enough time to do the research, and write a good text, and doing a proper study of their style/technique would take me days, and not the pathetic 30-40 mins I could spend on it. If one of the people I wrote about accidentally stumbled onto my blog I'd die of embarassment.

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  • Sounds like you need a bigger closet… or at least one w bigger shelves. 😉 I understand the need for dedicating the proper amount of time to something for wanting to do a good job. Really liked the idea though, so I hope to see it make it’s way back in some form or another. Hopefully with it’s original name. XD

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