Arrival Excitement

I finally watched Arrival.
I think I couldn’t stop talking about it for two days straight afterwards, despite my sore throat and choking up a little whenever a child’s death came up. I think I liked every little thing about it, which hasn’t happened to me in years.. I mean the last movie I was this excited about was How to Train Your Dragon, and I was still a bit picky about the kid having a different accent to his father (and pretty much everyone else in the village).
I actually accidentally saw a massive spoiler for Arrival before watching it, which didn’t ruin the experience for me at all, even though I did perceive the story very differently because of it.


How do you guys feel about spoilers? Do you tend to shut yourself away when a new movie comes out, and stay off the internets? Do you angrily shout at whoever spoils films accidentally (or not so much)? Do you eagerly find out as many spoilers and trivia about the movie before watching it so that you can then be a smartypants to the poor souls trying to watch it alongside you?

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