Purim Sameah!

Today was lovely! We went out to the city center to show Eli what Purim looks like in Jerusalem. I thought she’d enjoy the various costumes, dancing and music. Like a responsible adult, I checked the weather forecast. It promised to be cold and cloudy, so I dressed us for that. No umbrellas, rubber boots or rain coats, because it wasn’t supposed to rain! It started pouring as soon as we were far enough from the house to not want to turn back for umbrellas – I was secretly hoping it’d stop raining as soon as we got to the tram. It didn’t. Eli got excited about the puddles, and immediately got her feet soaking wet. There was a tiny band with trumpets and people dressed in white Renaissance costumes that skipped carefully around the muddy puddles trying to not get their fancy dresses too dirty, unsuccessfully, of course.

I love it when it rains, and so does Eli. With my husband being so vastly outnumbered he quickly gave up trying to trick us into going home, and with a sigh had a wonderful time as well. We hastily bought Eli some new warm socks and got her tiny feet dry and warm before she feel asleep. There really wasn’t too much to see in that weather, so we tried out a new restaurant (Eli woke up in time for the dessert) and made our way home, after grabbing the photos I wanted developed.

I spent my few free hours rewatching and chopping up the stream recording. There’s still a bit more editing I’d like to do, but I hope to be posting it this week. In the meantime, here’s a frame of what the finished result will probably look like:

Animation stream

2 thoughts on “Purim Sameah!

  • I loved that stream. I don’t have the confidence to do something like that as well as worrying about frivolous things. You’re an inspiration! Thank you!

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    • Thank you, it was really fun to do, and I was so happy to see you there! I was terrified of the whole thing at first, but having caught myself mouthing off about streaming and various other things that go with being on camera, I figured I should at least try it once 😛 You could always start out streaming yourself drawing, with just a screen capture and possibly a mic if you’re up for it. It gets much easier as you go 😀


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