Artist Sunday 15: Simone Grünewald AKA Schmoedraws

Today I’ll be drooling over Simone Grünewald’s art.
This is her on Instagram:
And here’s her Tumblr:
She’s also got a YouTube channel with time-lapse videos and sketchbook flip-throughs!
I just love her diary drawings! I started following her towards the end of her pregnancy diary sketches, which the progressed into adorable baby diary drawings (and baby poop diary drawings!). Her amazing red pencil pages make me want to go find my red pencil in the hope that it’ll look half as good… But she’s clearly equally skillful with pretty much any other drawing tool, be it watercolour, ink or digital.


And imagine my joy at discovering her Tiffany Aching sketches! I think I might’ve given out a happy squee, because Dish looked at me funny. But then it’s Dish, she can’t help her face being that way… Anyway, I digress. Here’s a tiny collection of Simone’s non-diary art:


I was very nervous about trying to draw something in her style. I almost convinced myself not to do it, but another look from Dish (think she jumped a little at all the shooting/explosions/fireworks outside) reminded me that this is a very useful exercise and that I shouldn’t chicken out that easily.

Simone Grunewald study

I badly need to draw a bazillion hands and feet. I’m not sure how many zeros that is, but hopefully it’ll improve my diary sketches a little, I find that properly drawn hands and feet add so much to the sketches.. I mean, properly drawn everything. Gah! Want to buy more hours in the day >.<

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