March’s Doodle Spread and Super Important Stream Editing Questions

So many diary comic ideas! Good thing I have a handy place to write them all down in, eh?

Speaking of my journal, here’s March’s Doodle Spread: as you can see, I’m doing my best not to cheat with too many pre-planned and sketched in elements. There shall be much doodling done to these two pages!


As I sit here staring at my stream’s recording in horror, I have a question for you guys: how would you prefer I edit it? So far I came up with two solutions:

Solution Numero 1 (easiest by far): I just fast forward everything, squeezing my 6 hours of hopping from the light table to the computer into a few minutes. So super quick and painless.

Solution Nomer 2: I try to find the slightly “more interesting” places, and just edit a few highlights like that together. In this case, those of you that did watch,  do you have any suggestions? Any memorable bits there that you’d like to see again?

Solution Mispar 3: A somewhat awkward combination of the two previous ones. Everything on fast forward except for a bit here and there? Again, as I’m combing through these 6 hours of footage, nothing seems worth the trouble, but I suppose me trying to not knock everything down as I climb over the bed and table to switch the battery might be somewhat amusing?

Onwards to Editing and Glory! and maybe some more kvas…

2 thoughts on “March’s Doodle Spread and Super Important Stream Editing Questions

    • Oh dear…. I don’t know if there ARE any funny or chaotic bits, but I will look for them harder. I think option 1 looks kind of cool in that you just see the animation being drawn, and the tiny webcam with me spazzing out all over the place, but once you see a few seconds of it, you’ve pretty much seen the whole thing.. Thanks for the feedback 😀

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