February BuJo Overview

For those of you that don’t really care about the Bullet Journal bits, here’s what I ended up with last night:

Baby Painting B/W

It clearly needs a lot more work, and I’m learning heaps as I go along. So you might be seeing more of this later on 🙂

Now, onwards to my BuJo overview for February!

I didn’t really see a point in posting my journal pages at first. I felt uncomfortable sharing too much of my personal plans and stuff, and having “censored” out too many bits the pages looked weird. But the exhibitionist in me won, so I’m posting this in the end. Plus I’m pretty darn happy with some of the pages 🙂

I’ve shown the February gate before I think, and here’s the finished, mostly checked off version. I found the mini calendar view useless, so I removed it from next month’s page. And I’m marking each month’s page with a small piece of washi tape, so that I can easily see where each one is.


I was so eager to start planning my week that I first skipped the monthly “future log” page. But that’s the beauty of Bullet Journalling, you can put any page anywhere you like 😀 I wasn’t sure on the design for the weekly spreads, so I experimented throughout the month. Here I thought to put the Habit Tracker into the weekly spread, and quickly realized that wouldn’t work for me, as I wanted to see the whole thing in a monthly spread.


Next I remembered I need to do the monthly plan and I stuck the bigger Habit Tracker onto the next page.


Here I added an extra spread with random useful information:


Two more different attempts at weekly spread designs:


The last one I tried that I liked consisted of painting shiny separator lines with acrylic paints, and then writing the date, day ect on those lines with black pen. I think I got tired of whiting out personal bits at that point, so not posting that particular page 😛

Next up is my Doodle Therapy spread, as far as I got into it before I ran out of February:


You can’t really see it up there, but the green, the light blue and the pink is super shiny.I went nuts with shiny paint on the March gate page too (even though the photo doesn’t reflect it at all):


Another thing not pictured here is my food planning and grocery shopping pages, which I suspect will be of even less interest. At first I did a double spread for weekly menus and needed shopping, but felt it was taking too much space for no good reason, as half of that remained empty, so for March I’ve organized it into a monthly spread, which, in theory, will be even easier to keep track of.

A month into using this organization system, and I’m pretty happy and impressed with the results. I’m much better at planning things, I get a lot more done, and I’m significantly more efficient with my time. I suspect a fairly big part of that is explained away with my husband working set hours (instead of shifts, which was the case up until two months ago) which makes setting a routine much easier. But still…

I have so much more to say on the subject! I really need to word it better though. Bullet points, like I do in the journal. Yes. I’m finding myself rambling away more and more lately. Must be my old age, creeping up on me.

5 thoughts on “February BuJo Overview

    • She’s so super serious!
      She always knows which colour she wants, and I think picking colours is her favourite bit at the moment, as she seems significantly less interested in painting shapes than she is in putting lots of new colour on the page. And then she leads me to the bathroom so that we can wash the pallette, and she has the same super serious expression as she cleans the paint off. It’s a whole new world in her head…

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