Baby and Plasticine

Not much progress to see on yesterday’s image, I’ve finished outlining everything and the next step is to establish the values. I think. I’ve been curious to try the technique of working in black and white first, and only then adding colour. The plan is to finish today, possibly at night, if Eli falls asleep at a reasonable hour.
In the meantime, behold my February Plasticine Adventures!

It all started with the wrong colour and amount of plasticine. I thought I’d work in orange at first… But I really didn’t have enough. So I added the madly glowing yellow. Full of desperation, I covered everything with green… And other than looking horrendously hideous, it wasn’t enough to fill the frame either. So I moved everything up a week.

Fail stream attempt

Having purchased way too much purple plasticine, I finally had a setup that actually worked. I also remembered that such things work better in darker rooms, so I drew the curtains, shut the blinds, and locked the door.


After the fun I had streaming the process, I was left with a lot of purple sticky stuff smeared all over the light table, and a rather curious toddler. Instead of doing the reasonable thing and taking the darn thing immediately, hiding it out of sight and reach of small childred, I came up with what I thought was a more fun solution: I showed her how to tear bits off and turn them into cats.
Utilizing the stream setup 2

And when I say cats, I mean abstract cat shapes, because their body parts kept dropping off (I wasn’t mentally prepared to introduce toothpicks into the process just yet). Here’s a sample:

Utilizing the stream setup 1

I was feeling adventurous today, so we pulled out the old icky colours, from the fail setup, and built some multicolour figures. An Eli girl and a Cow. Eli was participating in the cow making a lot, as you can see.

Girl and Cow

And in the time it took me to take the photo, she took everything apart. Which made putting everything back much easier!

Disassembled Cow

Plasticine is still a very new and exciting material for her, so I need to use it wisely, under strict supervision, of course. I should probably also get more colours, so that we can get to learning those with shapes and animals, as opposed to only drawings things on paper. She hasn’t attempted to eat any of it either, but I’m not going to let my guard down just yet.

In conclusion, sculpting is a new and fun activity, and a nice break from out daily routine. Anyone else here making things out of plasticine with their kids? Anything else I should watch out for?

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