Artist Sunday 13: Dim Rezchikov

Another Sunday means another Artist I get to research and share with you guys!
This is one of my old favourites, Dim Rezchikov.
Here’s his Youtube channel:
And his page on Behance:


I don’t remember how I exactly I came across his Livejournal many many years ago, but I’m very happy I did. I remember asking him if it was okay to “steal” his picture as a screensaver, and not only did he say he’d be flattered, but he also provided a high resolution image for that exact purpose. I think he’s the only artist whose art I ever put on my desktop, everything else I ever had up there has been photos I took myself or one of the default images that comes with Windows.

art by Dim Rezchikov
Pet. Sydhe. The crossroads. By Dim Rezchikov

“The Crossroads” has been sitting on my laptop’s desktop for the past 10 years or so. It has a weird hypnotizing effect on me, I can stare at it for hours. Might explain why I didn’t get as much done on my laptop as I wouldn’ve liked during my studies 😛

Art by Dim Rezchikov
The spirit of the colour, march. The spirit of the mercy and the spirit of the pity. The spirit of the north lake. By Dim Rezchikov

Dim mostly posts calendar illustrations in his livejournal these days, and until a few hours ago I didn’t think to follow him on FB, so I don’t have much insight into his professional (or personal) life. All of the videos on his channel are at least 2 years old, but I hope he’s still directing animation somewhere!

And as for today’s Artist Study (more like blatant artist copy today though) I couldn’t resist, and attempted to recreate the smoking giant from “The Crossroads”. And there went another 8 minutes as I got lost in that image again, and that’s after I stared at it for way longer while drawing it! I love the tiny details. There’s always something new to notice and ponder about. And those proportions! Maaaagic 🙂
Study of Dim Rezchikov's "the crossroads"

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