The Red Tub

Inspired by a few comments by  JIF from Procrastinator’s Day Off, I drew this week’s comic page post:

Red bucket

In my conversation with JIF, I referred to the red object as a bucket, which was a lie. A poorly worded, too-lazy-to-google lie. It is, in fact, a basin. Or a tub. I’ve not conquered all the nuances of the subject just yet, I hope JIF might shed some light on the issue.

I always thought of the word “tub” in connection to either a bath or ice-cream before. And “basin” strikes me as something bigger and to do with lakes. In my head, I always referred to our red thing as a “tazik” (Russian for tub, apparently). Ah well, I truly learned something new today!

3 thoughts on “The Red Tub

  • Ha ha, I like it! That looks like the sort of thing you might wash dishes in? In which case I would call it a ‘bowl’, as in ‘washing-up bowl’. However, if it is big enough to bathe a baby in it then it could be a ‘bath tub’. ‘Basin’ makes me think of a geograhpical feature, though it is an old-fashioned word for something you wash in; a bathroom sink is often referred to as a ‘wash basin’. In any case, it’s always good to retire to a safe space and have some ‘me time’. If you can’t see them then they can’t see you… 😀

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    • While this one is big enough to fit a baby in, I think it’s main purpose is for laundry-ing. You could technically use it to wash one-self as well, I suppose, but then same could be said about a tea cup… This is turning out more complicated than I first anticipated 🙂

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