Slowly chipping away at the animatic…

One of my February goals is to finally fix the animatic for Boonka, and I now have 5 days to do it. Spent most of my “work” time today staring at it, and fiddling with absolutely unnecesary bits.

Didn’t help that I didn’t have internet all day, and that it only magically appeared once my husband got home. (He didn’t lift a finger to fix it, just him being home is normally enough.) I couldn’t listen to my favourite podcasts, and I didn’t realize until now how often I googled reference images…

The old animatic is in TVPaint. I’ve imported it into ToonBoom, and will most likely be drawing the new and improved animatic over it. There are many many problems waiting to be fixed, and now that I’ve convinced myself to focus on this again I’d like to take the opportunity and get most of this Boonka business done.

Surprisingly, I drew and painted a lot today, but I don’t have anything I can show just yet. So here are some quick warm-up Boonka sketches I’ve done. I’ve labelled them and everything!



boonka warm up

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