Guybrush McFly and a bit of self evaluation

On my very first animation lesson, after some basic explanations, we were given some paper, some black markers, and told to animate anything we wanted. The markers were dark enough to show through the paper even without a light-table, because most of us didn’t have one at home yet. Having completed all the frames as homework, we then put it all together the next day and watched the results.

I drew a monkey, walking across the screen and reaching for a banana, and it was the worst, most awkward walking monkey possible. Looking at my latest walk cycle, it saddens me that I haven’t really made any progress.

This is a moving GIF, my phone doesn’t normally show these in other people’s posts.

I found a Russian animator on Twitch recently, and we got to chat about a few things. When he looked at some of my animations, he thought I was just starting to learn animation as all of my stuff is so full of beginner mistakes. That really made me stop and think.
While I never considered myself an experienced animator, I didn’t think I was that big of a noob either. Two and a half years of animation school must’ve rubbed off on me somehow, right? Looking at this Guybrush McFly character moving, it doesn’t look like I went to any kind of animation school at all…

I would like this to be some kind of turning point for me. You hear that, February 22nd? I’m going to animate my butt off – walk cycles, dancing sacks, bouncing balls and cart pulling Boonkas, and I’m going to get better. Noticeably better. So that when I do a comparison animation of this very character, it’ll look so much better one might think a different person did it.

14 thoughts on “Guybrush McFly and a bit of self evaluation

  • Hey, that’s what I meant, that’s what happens when you listen to people too carefully, searching for implied meanings! Like… it hearts… But! It definitely can be, as you did it, not an excuse for whining, but a way to improve yourself! You are great! And very inspiring!
    As for animation – I think your soul belongs to stop motion… to be honest… May be… just may be… have you thought about making Boonka stop-m.? And to be completely honest – I think it would work best to concentrate on your strong points. With your illustrations and comics you went such a long way, you improved so much that I envy you! ^^ Just keep it up, keep going, concentrate on the things that you do best and keep going!

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    • I think that learning to listen to people I communicate with is a highly important skill that I need to work on. The trick is to do it right, and not to imagine things that aren’t there, not to let my brain fill in the blanks with excuses and illusions. It’s a lot harder than it sounds, at least for me. And thank you for the warm and encouraging words, it’s super nice to hear and read positive things every once in a while.. although I still need the tough and rough you to pick apart my mistakes!
      You’re not the first person to suggest I make Boonka in stop motion, but I’m afraid I just don’t have the resources to do it right at the moment. I’d need a fairly complicated rig for the character, a stop motion studio with good lighting and no Eli access, a stop motion capture program (although I totally know which one I’d like to get!) and a lot more baby free time! I can sit down and draw a few frames throughout the day, while I’d need at least 3-4 hours per session for stop motion, which isn’t a viable option till Eli starts kindergarten. I’m also very keep on learning classic 2d animation, and I’m sure I will get better results with enough practice.
      I have no idea what my strong points are at the moment, but I’m working on it! I do have the 100% success guaranteed secret advice, that I have obtained through years of lectures, books, classes and videos: draw more, learn more! So I’m not really worried 🙂 just need to be more efficient with my time, that all.

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  • I was about to comment that looked like Marty’s Vest. I think you’ve improved actually. Not that your older work was bad or anything. I always dislike saying ‘improvement’ like the older things needed fixing or something…growth? Is that a better word? Great work as always!

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    • Thank you 😀
      You’re right, it is somewhat tricky, isn’t it? While trying to make a complimentary observation, one might accidentally poop over the previous stuff… I do believe I fall into that one myself a lot >.< But it's super cool to have you comment on that, especially given how much I like your animation. As far as my "growing" is concerned, I guess baby steps are better than no steps at all, so I should concentrate on that instead of worrying that these steps aren't big enough.. thank you again! This was the first thing I've read today, it's now 5:47 AM and looking like great day so far 😀

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      • I hope you have a fantastic day! I’ve been trying to get the ‘animation bug’ action going on. Going through a bit of a funk. Watching Animation Documentaries some of the Disney folks said it could take 10 years to be able to animate what’s in our heads…and that’s with doing it as a full-time job. If the masters said that I tend to believe it. It’s VERY hard and takes a lot of time…so yes, baby steps are amazing! Especially since a lot people give up when it gets challenging (which is often). The more I look at your work the more I find to appreciate. You are such an inspiration:-)

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      • I suppose 10 years of doing something you love in order to get good at it isn’t such a big price to pay, especially since you have to be a nutcase to want to do animation in the first place… thank you for this, it’s really putting things into perspective! Do you happen to remember which documentary it was? I’ve been searching these out lately, the last one I watched was about drawing one tree, and I’ve been thinking about it a lot as I’m sketching here. So many trees in the UK! And thank you again for making me sit here grinning like a lunatic with unbrushed teeth 😛

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      • LOL! I’ll see if I can find which Documentary that was. I watch them all the time to help me keep my feet on the ground. Definitely let you know when I find it!

        I think it about it often. Artists fret over doing ONE illustration/painting and here we are drawing 1,000’s of drawings just to get a character to walk across the screen. We must be insane or something…so addictive though!

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      • It might of been in a book I read like “The Illusion of Life” or something. I’m pretty sure it was Disney related as I wanted to work there when I was a kid and really absorbed all the info like that:-)

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