Artist Sunday 12: Alexander Petrov

I haven’t been able to find Alexander Petrov’s personal site, but there’s still plenty of information about him and his amazing work online.  It’s interesting how different his wiki pages in English and Russian are.

One of Petrov’s first films, The Cow was nominated for an Oscar. His most famous work is probably The Old Man and The Sea (after Ernest Hemingway), which he worked on for 30 months in Pascal Blais Studio, Canada. It won the Academy Award for Animated Short Film in 2000.

Petrov’s mind-boggling technique is creating pastel oil paintings on glass sheets, using his fingertips. In one of his interviews he says that it’s easy to lose control over the material on a computer, and that in computer animation you can sometimes not see the artist at all, unlike the computer program with which it was made.

While his Russian wiki page is stuffed full with fancy titles he holds, anecdotes from his childhood and his various positions on different committees, it makes no mention of his funding difficulties, or that he stated he was jobless and using up the last of his previously earned money in 2009.

He’s teaching, and this is one of his student’s works:

I really hope that he finds proper funding to continue making these magical films. I think as far as any definition of art goes, this is what the best versions of it look like.


On a personal, unrelated note, I’m done editing the purple plasticine animation, going to sleep on it and watch it again tomorrow. If it still looks okay-ish I’ll publish it then. I’m not unhappy with it at the moment, but I suspect that’s because of how much I enjoyed the process! Apparently, I’m a lot more productive when there might be someone watching. I’m a bit itchy to try it again at some point, no idea as to how and when though.

2 thoughts on “Artist Sunday 12: Alexander Petrov

    • Watching his films still blows my mind every single time, and I think I’ve seen most of them at least 3-4 times. I’d love to do another stream at some point, but I’ll need to come up with an interesting idea for it first 😛 it’s super helpful in productivity boosting, by the way. I’ll also try to move it up a few hours, so that it’s not so early for you 🙂


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