The Good, the Bad and the Wonky (Rubber Onion Battle Animation test)

So I have good news and bad news.


The good news is, as you can see, that I have done my animation test for February’s Rubber Onion Battle: Awkward Valentine. I had enough materials (in fact, I have a spare 500 grams of purple plasticine left), the camera connected and worked with the computer, and the light table kind of did its job as well.
The bad news is that I will have to work without onion skinning (so it might look like everyone is having a seizure, like this poor parrot). I’ve looked at all the free stop motion software available, and nothing worked with my Nikon d5500, and the one program that I did manage to get working with my webcam put huge watermarks all over the image. So I’ll be doing this the somewhat old-fashioned way – blind and guesstimating all the way!

The worst news is that this is going to do a proper number on my poor back. I might collapse groaning in pain halfway through the stream. The height of the light-table and the angle I’ll be working at will combine into an unforgettable 6 hour experience or longer. I suspect I’ll need to keep working on it into the night after Eli goes to bed if I want to finish in one-and-a-half sitting… I mean excruciating standing.

Taking all this into consideration, I’m still looking forward to Saturday! I’ll be streaming on Twitch, here: starting around noon Israel time (GMT+2). If you’re as bad as I am at calculating when that’ll be in your time, you can click follow on my channel there and turn notifications on, so that you’ll get an email (and a notification on your phone if you have the Twitch app installed) when the stream goes online.

I’m not sure about the entertainment value of this experiment. There might be quite a bit of cursing, and you could place bets on how many times I nudge the table or knock the camera off. Either way, it would be nice to have some company as I battle the plasticine forces of purple.

To wrap this up, here’s another version I did of my new little mascot. Again, I only notice the major mistakes as I’m about to hit “publish” on this post: the eyes need some serious fixing, (unless her face is, in fact, melting… hmmmm… a valid option!) and I need to change the leaf placements of her tail, the negative space there is all wrong. Plus there’s something wrong with her legs, need to do more radish-cat studies. Oh, and I think I have a name for her – Dis. It’s Eli’s favourite word, means something along the lines of “this” and “look” and “thing”, which, in my humble motherly opinion describes this particular creature rather well.

What do you guys think? What other surgeries should I perform on this poor radishcat? Will you be joining the stream? What are your thoughts on spazzing out purple parrots? Or do you maybe know of magical free stop motion software?


7 thoughts on “The Good, the Bad and the Wonky (Rubber Onion Battle Animation test)

    • Self-realisation is a terrifying thing O.O
      Thank you for the feedback, I never considered giving her a shadow.. until now. Sounds like an interesting thing to try. Hope I don’t make it look like runny poop instead >.<

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  • Now I’ve read it! Sorry for making you retell me all you’ve written down already… About Dis (I like the name!) – there is nothing wrong with the tale, I think… Besides – I can give no advice, keep working until you are happy with it!
    About the parrot (sorry for calling it owl… that’s what happens when I am talking before reading and looking!) the technique is so gorgeous, that it makes up for nearly everything! Yes, the chest wobbles, but when you do it for real you have it all planned, so it won’t happen – and overall – it is clear that the bird sleeps! So just go for it!

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    • Thank you 🙂 I don’t mind retelling stuff, you know how much I like talking 😛 I think I’m going to make an actual Dis doll, probably will needle felt with a wire base, so that I can move her limbs, tail and nose, after I make more pose sketches of her of course. Should help establish her full character 😀
      And I’m a lot more worried about the cat, to be honest, in the upcoming animation experiment 😛

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