Artist Sunday 11: Fawn Veerasunthorn

I came across Fawn Veerasunthorn’s Instagram page very recently, but I’ve been in love with her drawings ever since (which has only been about 2 days so far, but hey! doesn’t make her work any less amazing!)

According to her Tumblr page, “Fawn was born in Thailand, went to school in Ohio, and is now living in Burbank, California, with her husband and two cats” (and now also a new baby!). She’s currently working as a story artist at Walt Disney Animation Studios. And she has an online store too.

Fawn Veerasunthorn’s art

Fawn’s art is cute, in the best possible meaning of the word. She also posts quite a few storyboards on her tumblr and Instagram, and I think the way her drawing style peeks out when she’s sketching much-stylized Disney characters is pretty awesome as well.

Clearly, my favourites are the comics. They are everything I dream my own comic attempts might be some day: Funny, clever, cute, relatable, well drawn, colourful and recognizable.

Here are a few Fawn-inspired sketches and copies. As usual, my daughter picked the right moment to wake up – just as I was figuring out how my new water-filled brush works. However, since I now have a way to deal with all these things I want to do but never seem to have time for, I’m not worried. I’ll just put it in my Bullet Journal 🙂
(I patched up my favourite coat today, because I made a task for it today. I’ve had that rip on my pocket for the past 2 years. )


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