A lesson in Anatomy

Without reading any further, what do you think this is?


My 2 year old daughter drew a cat today.
This makes me very happy.
I know it’s a cat for a fact, because of the way it happened.

I suggested she draw it, and she agreed, grabbing the red felt pen. Since it seemed she was unsure where to start, I told her to draw the nose first. So she did. Then the eyes, which she placed underneath the nose. At that point I wanted to check if she was drawing what I asked her to, or if she was just randomly scribbling on the paper, so I asked her to draw the head. So she drew the head very carefully, around the nose and the eyes, because that’s how heads work. She just looked at me expectantly after that, waiting for the next step, but I was so excited and surprised I forgot what other parts cats have. So why not ears? She loves pointing those out on everything… She confidently added first one ear, then another, on the other side of the head.  I thought I’d try my luck with whiskers, since those were harder, and she did look unsure for a second or two, and then put those on as well. I wanted to frame this masterpiece and spam my contact list with the genius of my child, but Eli wanted to draw more cat bits, so I reminded her that cats have tails too. Things like lack of body didn’t confuse my little artist for a moment, because she knows that tails go at the bottom, which is where she proudly added it.


Thanking my super fast mommy-reflexes, I snatched this treasure away from her to take a picture, but she promptly demanded it back, because she needed to colour it. Frequent readers of this blog already know how thorough and meticulous my toddler gets when she’s colouring, but here’s a reminder anyway. Long story short, the beautiful cat drawing is no longer available for framing and display.


Speaking of cat anatomy, Eli clearly gets it from me. I worked more on my little mascot, and this will have to do for user icon-ing purposes for now. With my mother visiting today I’ll do my best to take advantage of extra baby-free time and try and do a test stream today, to make sure my overhead setup will actually work, since I’ve scheduled my stream for tomorrow in the magic Bullet Journal, somewhere around noon my time, which is GMT+2.


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