Of Shells, Radishes and Whiskers

It all started with me wanting to make a user icon for myself. When it comes to arty accounts, I myself prefer to see the artist’s drawing of some sort instead of their face. So I thought it’s about time I did the same for my icons as well. I wanted a unique mascot, something original that was clearly mine.. So at first I drew a tortoise. A tortoise is an old and loyal spirit animal of mine, you see. But then, how is a tortoise related to a rediskot (which is a word I made up at 3 or 4 in the morning a little under a year ago)?

A rediskot is made up of a few parameters: a rediska (radish in Russian) and a kot (cat, also in Russian). In addition, if a rediska was a word in Hebrew (it would be feminine of course), then its plural would be rediskot. Also, it clearly consists of Red Is Kot which is clearly a Yoda-ish statement with a strong Russian accent concerning a tomato-coloured kitty. Which is what I drew next.

But having a cute kitty as a mascot is sooooooo…. meh. I could draw a creepy looking scary cat, but there are loads of these as well… Then I had one of these comic lightbulb moments. And started sketching out a cross between a radish and a cat, trying hard not to think about how such an abomination would come to this world.


I am surprisingly happy with the initial sketchy design so far, which is not a feeling I’m used to. I’m going to sleep on this. Then I’m going to draw the crap out of it tomorrow, and hopefully I’ll at least have a user icon for my test Twitch stream tomorrow.


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