More Old Sketches

I am finished with my “Awkward Valentine” animatic. So far, I’ve set this Friday as my test stream day, and if everything goes well, I’ll try to one-shot the whole thing this Saturday. I’ll be posting updates on Twitter, so in the off-chance you’re interested in this whole mess-to-be, you might want to follow me on there, if you aren’t already.

In the meantime, here’s part two of the old sketches I went through the other day. They’re all from the same sketching course, with the same, great teacher who came with lots of interesting quirks and phrases that people still quote. I think there’s even a FB group for the things he says…


One of the things he insisted on is that we do all our sketching on giant quality A2 paper. At the time I didn’t question it – his class, his demands, his teaching techniques. (I would still try to squeeze as many drawings as I could onto the paper, but it wasn’t always an option.) To this day, I still feel guilty if I waste paper. Years later, the one giant folder with drawings from his class is so heavy I can barely move it, forget trying to lift it back on top of the closet..


And over here you can see the model looking a lot more pregnant than she did last time.

I hated drawing with this weird brown pencil. It was the assignment for that day, we were to try using this particular sketching tool. The sound it made when it touched the paper made my skin crawl. Multiplied by the twenty-something people we had in class.. I think my discomfort shows in the sketches. I didn’t include the other ones because they’re even worse than this one.

Back to pencils that don’t make me physically sick. It’s interesting how none of the teachers ever mentioned (let alone told me to correct) my horrible fuzzy lines. I don’t think the concept was even in my mental vocabulary at the time.


She barely looked pregnant at all from the back..


On some lessons when we didn’t have a live model or a skeleton or anything else planned we’d pose ourselves. It didn’t happen as often as it did for a different class, “sketching for animation”, but I still have at least one portrait/sketch of each one of my classmates.


Both here on WordPress art blogs that I follow and on Instagram I often see comparisons, such as “my art 5 years ago VS my art today” and so on. Or say, a four year old drawing redrawn, impressively improved. I can’t boast any of that, as I’ve not made that much progress in the past 9 years, even though I’ve drawn almost every day for the past 4. That’s a difficult yet valuable lesson right there.

Making another important note in my BuJo 🙂

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