A Walk Down Memory Lane..

As I climbed on top of the closet and ventured into the Big Folders Graveyard (looking for strong cardboard, of course) I thought I should take a few photos of my old drawings from art school, as long as I’m elbows deep in dust and graphite anyway.

I finished the rough storyboard for Awkward Valentine, but I won’t be posting anything here about until after I’m done with the animation itself. So instead I’m going to share some of my old drawings, back when I was an actual art student.

This one I did before getting accepted, and I strongly suspect it was one of the portfolio pieces that actually got me into the school in the first place, after I passed the first part of the entrance exams:

This is a very famous basket. According to legend, every animation student drew it on their first sketching lesson. In fact, if you recognize this basket, we went to the same school.


Our teacher liked to liven things up by coming up with different sketching exercises every now and then. One day he brought a box full of torn out magazine pages, told us to pick two each and show them to him, and then proceeded to cut those up. We had to fill the rest – one as close to the original as possible, another… errr…  had to be a little different, going as crazy as we liked:

He had a favourite model who’d often come to our live sketching sessions. We didn’t know it at the time, but she was pregnant, and gradually through our drawings you could see her belly grow bigger and rounder. I kind of wish I included the dates in the photos now, because now I can’t tell if that’s her in the very beginning, or after she gave birth.


This one might be one of the later ones. The sketches themselves are in a super heavy massive folder that I’m not going to bring down again any time soon, so the only way to tell would be my theoretical improvement, which is clearly not enough to go by in this case:


I’ve got a few more of these, might probably post them tomorrow, as I’ll likely be working on the animatic for the animation battle, and like I said, I don’t want to give it away before the stream 😛

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