A Thing

Errrrrr… It kind of looks like I’ll be doing a thing. Maybe. A stream thing.
It all started with me seeing the Twitch animation contest. Now, I’ve been wondering about streaming for a while, but it sounds very scary. I’m not confident enough with Photoshop or Toon Boom to actually let other people watch me work, and I wasn’t sure anyone would want to watch me crochet or draw on paper. (Going further down the honesty hole, I’m not sure anyone would want to watch me stream anything, period.) For whatever reason, participating in a contest seemed a strong enough excuse to try, even if no one actually watches it during the stream. I got myself all excited and riled up, started thinking about the story, characters I’d want to use, the technique which will let me avoid using programs I don’t know my way around too well… And then I realized it was for US residents only.

Strangely enough, instead of the expected disappointment, I felt relief. I mean, sure, it sucks I can’t participate, but having already gone through the process of convincing myself to do it, setting up OBS, figuring out how I’ll time it so that I don’t have to watch Eli at the same time and even sketching out some initial character design ideas, there’s now nothing preventing me from streaming my animation process anyway. I know there’s at least one person who’ll want to check it out, and two others who might show up just to be supportive of me doing something that silly. February’s Rubber Onion Battle theme should be out soon – I could do that instead… Might even get to use the kitten and bird characters I’ve already drawn here.

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